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Holiday on 24th June


I am on day 9 of TFR and its going great so far. Stuck to it 100% and not finding it too tough even though I have been out socialising a lot. My plan was to do tfr for 3 full weeks then start refeed on the 21st ie days 4-7 I will be on holiday abroad as Im flying out on the morning of the 24th. But I think I underestimated the importance of a full week on refeed. Realistically once I am on holiday I will not be able to resist having a few drinks so I wont be doing a proper refeed. Would it be better to start my refeed earlier so I can do it to the letter before I go away?
Im sure other people have been in this situation any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks
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Hi honey, yes it would be best to start your refeed in plenty of time to get your glycogen balanced out before you go away on holiday x


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I'd agree with Cheryl, I was in a similiar position to you - wanted to do TFR almost right up to a wedding I was going to but after reading so much, went off it early to ensure I did the entire 7 days refeed. It is important to get the levels up appropriately, otherwise you could gain substantially which, Im sure you could imagine would be sooo deflating after all your efforts on tfr - you risk undoing it.


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sorry, also meant to say, I think its important to refeed properly to ensure your out of ketosis so you can enjoy your few drinks on holidays! if you dont you risk getting really, really ill from alcohol. xx hope you have a ball x


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Defo defo defo do a full week refeed before you have some alcohol. Or atleast untill after day 5/6 when you know you're pretty much out of ketosis after having pots and bread. I had alcohol on day 6 of my refeeds and all was ok, but you are abroad and measures don't exist there so just be carefull :)
Im going for three weeks (yippeee lucky me!) The plan is to eat as healthily as poss and do plenty of exercise when on holidays and stat tfr again when I get home til I get to my goal weight. I think lipotrim is brilliant so far I have lost 11lbs in 11 days so I hope I dont pile it all back on on my hols it would be so disheartening

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