Holiday take two


Need help
:) On the 20th January this year (2006) I went to The Gambia in Africa. I had a really good time and enjoyed every minute of it. But in the back of my mind I wanted to be slim and I knew I could of done much more on this holiday if I was.
I was 16 stone 8lbs on this holiday and felt really uncomfortable with exposing my body. There was plenty of water sports and other water activity which involved showing your body that I could have done. Including sun bathing as it was very hot.
Guess what I am now 12 stone :) and I am going on the same holiday this month. I booked the holiday two day's after I got back and knew I wanted to be slim the next time I went. This was My challenge and I have done it. I really can't wait and I am going to make the most of it.

I am telling you if you want to do it then it can be done

Thanks Cambridge.

Love it Nick, and enjoy your holiday, well done you deserve it.

Heres to a staying slim 07 x
Good for you, Nick!!!

I've been there too and it's lovely, isn't it!!

In fact, I wish I could go back now that I'm not morbidly obese anymore!

Enjoy every minute, hun!!