Holiday time


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OOOH I am Soooooooo jealous. I would love to go to South Africa!

I have to wait until October 2009 for my next holiday!! But, I will be slim for it!

B x


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Wow Tange!! That is amazing - I'd LOVE to go to S.A. too... in particular the vineyards at Stellenbosch (or however it is spelt!) Have a fabtastic time, and get snapping - you've got Blonde to compete with on the 'ace travel pics' front :)

As for my next holiday... oh my god - who knows... hopefully some point in 2009 - although I've only been away once in the last seven years after a few years of travelling non-stop, it's been a bit cr*p... and definitely something I plan to rectify soon - so you'll have to let me know if S.Africa should be on my hitlist ;)



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South Africa for me is "home". I will be spending time with my family mostly. Unfortunately I will not be going to Cape Town (where I lived for 12 years)

It is worth going, but I think on a tour, I hate to say this but crime is a problem so tours would be safest. Or find a hunky SA bloke to take you ;)


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Have a lovely time Tange, I am jealous. Are you sure you wouldn't prefer it if I went and you could come a sit in the freezing highland of Scotland??? We have snow here today!


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Have a great holiday Tange and enjoy the stokes from your family on your weight loss
I wish I was going I feel the need of a bit of sun


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Yes very much looking forward to them all seeing the new me. Although saying that I have been feeling fat the last few weeks. I am only about 2lbs over what I was at my lightest so not sure why. Maybe I just need some positive strokes :D


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Have a great time Tange :D

Feel free to bring some of those hunky SA guys back with you for us :p


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Have a wonderful time Tange. Your family is going to be so happy and proud of you!

Enjoy every minute, and don;t worry about those 2 pounds - you look fantastic. Maybe its because you want the reunion to be perfect - and 2 pounds won;t get in the way of that.

Enjoy yourself and see you when you get back!!


Oh, and thanks for the photo nod Anna! :)


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Have a really lovely holiday & enjoy being slim.
I'm sure your family will all be shocked and pleased at the way you now look.