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Holiday tomorrow :s

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Hey I'm losing on holiday in Devon- it can be done!!!! (no fish and chips and no cream teas/ pasties so far BUT loads of places do killer ploughmans!!) enjoy!!!
I know how you feel. You want to have a nice holiday but don't want to ruin all ur hard work and be nearly back to square one. I go to Orlando in 3 weeks and it's pretty much chips with everything. Just make the best choices you can and do some excercise- go on some lovely long walks :)
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I just got back from a week in wales - half of the holiday being trapped in the caravan with the pouring rain beating down on the roof lol

I tried to stick to plan 100% for the first two days but ended up just keeping my meals mainly SW based but had a few extra treats such as wine and bombay mix in the evenings and found this worked out okay for me (despite not getting much walking opportunities with the downpours).

I'm sure you won't be able to do much harm in just four days away - enjoy the break and aim for treats in moderation. Hopefully you'll get nicer weather than I did and get some Body Magic activity in there which should help :)
I had an amazing holiday, and managed to STS, which considering how the food was, is damn good. I am really pleased. Only downside is the stress of travel has made my IBS flare up badly, constant pain, which is feeling like period pain, but I know its the inflamed intestines.

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Proud to be a LOSER :)
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Well done on STS :) You should definitely be pleased with that!!! I'm going to Vegas next Weds and I'm dreading it. I mean, i can't wait :D but dreading the food situation! I mean, I dont get much say on what I can eat on the plane (but have have been told by my boyfriend the Ice Cream is Skinny Cow so... not too bad maybe?!) - then we are in Vegas from Weds afternoon, all day Thursday then fly back Friday afternoon and land Saturday. Not a long time to put on too much weight I hope!?!!

Either way, I won't ''officially'' find out until the following saturday as I will miss my WI next week. I can weigh myself informally on my home scales but sometimes they can be a bit out so will have to just keep fingers crossed and hope for the best the following week! xxx


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I've got a holiday coming up in September to Cornwall, so I know exactly how you're feeling! I should just about have hit target at that point, so I'm terrified of putting loads on and having to go through the (slow!) process of having to lose this last half stone again! D:

That said, my plan is to stay in control where possible, and avoid unnecessary things like ice creams and cream teas, enjoy my meals out, but try and make somewhat sensible choices if possible!

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I'm in a very similar position. 3 days in Cornwall coming up. I've decided that I'm going to eat well, but not deny myself. Lots of salad and fruit, but if I want a dessert I will get one and have half of it. Himself will appreciate the extra half!

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