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Hello lovely ppl!
just a wee bit of expert advice needed!
i know im thinking quite far ahead-- well 7 weeks ahead. im on week 3 just now and going really well. im just so scared to cheat or mess up coz it took me 6 months to finally get it started!!
Thing is go to Lanzarote in 7 weeks. My aim for then is to be 15st 10lbs but thats nowhere near my actual target weight. Thing is i am so so scared to stop, i have seen so many ppl, even hardcore cders come off for a break or something and never getting back on the wagon!!! i just dont want this to happen to me but to be honest can see it happening!!
i dont want to be a total bore on holiday tho and i do want to enjoy myself but just cant imagine coming back an not being able to ss!!
has any1 did this and successfully came back and went straight back on it?
i dont mind not drinking on holiday as im not a major drinker anyway but would like to go out a few times for a nice meal.
oh i just dont kno wot to do!! wot u's think??
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hi lisa, well as ya prob know im just back from spain had a blast! started monday which was fine.yesterday i bliped with tin of tuna and a choc digestive. Im doing grand today so far. I think if you are in the right frame of mind and can say to yourself im goin back on ss immediately after holiday you could do it. I'll tell you one thing I found it very very hard. Think im back in ketosis now so that should stop me feeling hungry. I think if i didnt eat drink i would of had the crappest holiday ever.

becky xx
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can you not just make sure you lo-carb on holiday... you could even stay in ketosis!
you only have a holiday every so often and i really think you should make the most of it.
as the others have said just stick to salads/low carb stuff but have the odd tipple too. you need to eat alot of calories to put on a bit of weight so i reckon you will be fine. you seem to have alot of willpower so just make sure that stays strong or maybe do ss+ for the week? xx
S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
thats right you need to over eat by 3500 cals to put on a lb...

so if you eat carefully and put on weight rest assured it will be mostly water weight.



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S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i think thats wot im gonna do. im not a big eater during the day anyway--- its night times thats my downfall. so if i take tetras for most days and drinka loads water not fizzy juice and just have low carb meals i should be ok. and i wont resign myself to totally being on a strict diet. if i want something i'll have it but in moderation, as u's say a holiday is a holdiday!! an they day i come back i want to get straight back on it!! thanku so much for advice xx


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i understand your worry Lisa, i went on holiday for a week 3 years ago while doing lighterlife, and my god it took me 3 years to get back on it.

although i had in my head if i ate one single thing then the diet was ruined, wish i knew then what i know now.

Good luck with it, and yes you will be able to get back to it once your back. hope you have a fab time...im soooo jealous lol


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Hi Lisa,

I've been worrying about my hols in Lanzarote in July too. I hope to be at goal or near to it by then so my CDC has advised me to go up the plans gradually for a couple of weeks before i go. As everyone says a holiday is a holiday and i;ve been waiting for a year for this one so am going to enjoy it - :). I'm flying out on my 40th birthday so i will defo not be having a broccoli and cheese soup for my dinner that day!!:DAm hoping to be able to get back on track when i get home:sigh:.

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