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  1. RichyRich15

    RichyRich15 Full Member

    Hi everyone,

    I've been browsing the site for afew months now and finaly decided to create an account.

    I have a holiday coming up at the end of May, and one at the start of July.

    What is everyone's advice on this? - Does anyone actually go away with their packs?

    It's all inclusive, and with having already lost 5 stone nearly I don't want to ruin anything, what is normaly the procedure?

    Any comments or advice will be appreciated!

    ....oh, nice to meet you all! :)
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  3. daisydoll

    daisydoll Gold Member

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    was LL now diet chef
    hi there
    i saw it as a challenge when i went away with my packs .... it was a bit frustrating tbh, but i felt soooo good when i came back and had lost weight

    i just kept thinking that there would be loads of holidays in the future where i would be able to eat whatever i wanted....

    it can be done!

    daisy x
  4. thin_inside

    thin_inside I Can Do This!

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    Well done on your 5 stone loss!

    I would stick with the packs and enjoy other aspects of your holiday - pool, games, walks etc. The feel good factor on your return is fab :). Unless you feel you can handle eating and returning to abstinence???? I couldn't have done.

  5. girloutdoors

    girloutdoors Full Member

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    I stayed abstinent on a 3 week hol and loads of weekends away, best decision. As well as not interrupting the weight loss it shows you that food is a really insignificant part of enjoying your holiday.
  6. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Hello Richy


    Congratulations on losing your 5 stone so far.
    In answer to your question- the procedure is that LL is an abstinence programme - end of story.
    If you come off abstinence I think you will find it extremely difficult to pick it up again-for whatever reason.
    I think Pete will back me up on this one.
    Remember the snow and the toast........?
  7. RichyRich15

    RichyRich15 Full Member

    Brilliant guys. Thanks for your help.

    I'll see where I am on the 10 May and let you know what my plans are, at first I was thinking about going away and enjoying've made me think twice now.

    thanks again. x:)
  8. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    It can be done anywhere, this diet. Thats the beauty of it.

    I went to a family renuinion/party back in America fro a month, and abstained the entire time. Yeah, I kind of had a few pouty moments.

    But coming home and going to weigh in and finding I had lost 20 pounds felt wayyyyyy better then I am sure what everything might have tasted like.

    There will be other holidyas - don;t break your stride!

    Good luck. :)
  9. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    LighterLife for Men (VLCD)
    I cetainly will back you up SB, that one night of having a small meal set me down a road of nearly 12 months of losing and gaining the same stone while trying to get back into LL properly.

    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is worth breaking LL for.
    It is infinately harder the 2nd time around, hence why I am now on my 7th or 8th re-start.

    Do yourself a favour Rich, and enjoy your holiday without f**d.
    You don't need it to have a good time!

    Oh and good to meet you too, welcome! :)
  10. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Hey Richie
    You can go away AND enjoy yourself and stay on the packs. The most important lesson I have learnt through doing LL is that you don't need food (or alcohol) to enjoy yourself!
    It was a revelation to me.
  11. Burgerbun

    Burgerbun Full Member


    Sorry to interrupt. I am doing Cambridge Soul Source (similar to LL)

    Last year i did Cambridge and lost 5 1/2 st. I went away on a weeks holiday to Sharm (all inclusive) and stuck to the plan.

    Best thing i ever did! No better feeling than coming back from an all inclusive holiday and finding i had lost 10lbs!!

    A weeks worth of food is not worth breaking the plan for hun. There is plenty of fun to be had without food. It will be difficult but well worth it.

    Have a fab time hun x
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