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Homemade Burgers


On a mission for boobs!
I had toyed with the idea of making my own sausages, but that seems like a serious amount of effort on my part, so I'm thinking burgers!

Anyone got any ideas of any wonderful flavours I should be going for? Might go to asda tonight on my way home for mince and some seasoning. I'm thinking chilli, mustard and pepper, but not sure.

Any suggestions, or fail safe recipe? Someone told me to roll into patties and place in a food bag and flatten with a plate so they dont fall apart.

Ive tried making burgers before but they ended up falling apart when I cooked them, so any tips are most welcome :)
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On a mission !
I got a burger press from lakeland and the waxy paper disks, then just use beef steak mince or turkey mince and some salt and pepper (usually pop a bit of soy sauce and worcester sauce in the beef mix as well) The burger press means they stay together pretty well without needing any egg etc to bind

I usually make them a day in advance for bbq's etc and chill them in the fridge to help them keep their shape better as well, also cook them from frozen as and when

heres a cheap one from amazon
Kitchen Craft Hamburger Maker with 100 Wax Discs: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home

I would love to make sausages too but it sounds expensive kit!!
I saw an awesome idea for making little burger shapes and splitting into two then putting a slice of cheese in the middle before pushing the two halves together! Mmmm a burger with a melted cheese centre!

I use an egg to keep it all together... used to use a couple of breadcrumbs too.. but not anymore... I find the fattier the mince the better it sticks together :)



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Yes I have had a go at making burgers before, not at all bad!

1 pack of mince in a bowl, I added herbs (I added sage and cracked black pepper), I also added some diced cooked bacon, binded with an egg and grilled. Rather than using bread I wrapped it up with lettuce.

Sausages are not too hard really - make them skinless! get pork mince, add seasonings or whatever you like, bind with egg and make sausage like shapes. Or put the sausage mix into pieces of clingfilm and 'twist' into sausage shapes and keep in the fridge for a while.

You've got me hungry now!! Grr!

One thing I like about Atkins is...I get to spend more time in the kitchen and learn about cooking lol.

When you've made the burgers..invite us over for a BBQ :-D




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i do mince, spring onion, and whatever seasoning i'm in the mood for, bind with an egg, then roll into balls, press a lump of cheese into each ball, then bring it around so the cheese is inside, make sure it's all covered. then grill, fry, or do in the oven. enjoy!
I always mix an egg and some chopped onion and garlic in Claire, the egg keeps them together

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