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Honeybubbles is giving it a try


I thought I would have another go at slimming world I tried about 4 years ago and was very successful lost about 3 stone but life sort of overtook me and I gave up. I want to have a go now and lose some of the extra weight! I am a teacher am on summer holidays at the moment, I also have a severe form of asthma which means I have to take steroid tablets everyday, however I am determined not to let that stop me.
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Starting over
hello, good luck with your weight loss. I know the summer hols can be a difficult time when the normal routines go out of the window so hope you have a good week:)


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and good luck with your weightloss journey, you have done it before so you can do it again. The support on here is fab! xx
Thank you for your welcome I appreciate it! I am enjoying the summer off, I actually find it easier to do my slimming world plan when not at work... however at my school there is more than one person doing it and my house mate, her mum, my brother and sister in law are also giving it ago as well! I love the recipes on here and can't wait to try thr diet coke and chicken one. Today I have made rice and bean salad, tomatoes and chicken for lunch! All on the extra easy plan.
I am getting my head around
Hi honey im new on here today and was also sucessful at slimming world but gave up for various reasons. I saw myself on a photograph taken a couple of years ago when i used to have a beautiful figure and i have almost doubled in size. so need to put my foot down now and get stuck into it again! started today so fingers crossed for a great week. good luck to you 2 hun x
if you must eat biscuits hun eat rich tea or the 99 cal toffee crisps and count it in with your syns! allow yourself a biscuit the fact that you are telling yourself u cant have it makes the cravings worse in my view!
Thank you I have found some M&S rich tea finger cream biscuits 2.5 syns and one seems to satisfy my craving. I was poorly on firday night with a very high temp and a nasty chest thing, it meant that yesterday morning was a bit of a right off but was feeling better by the afternoon and went to pick some apples and plums...yummy! I have also made some rice pudding using milk from allowance, splenda, pudding rice and mixed spice ( nearly put mixed herbs in, now that would have been interesting!) It is free on a green day and on extra easy especially if you add fruit to it. Actually it was quiet deicious I surprised myself.;)
I did make a mistake earlier in the week and weighed myself..I have learnt that you should only do this once a week and got very dissappointed! I think that led to the biscuit crisis. Any way am carrying on with it because I am going to get there in the end. I am going to set a mini target for myself to loose 1/2 a stone by end of october anything else will be a bonus!:)
Was supposed to be going sloe picking this afternoon but it is very hot here and am not risking making my lungs grumpy as I am going to school for the day tomorrow.
Today was my first weigh in and I have lost 4lb am pleased, very pleased. I had a very bad day yesterday and only got home from A&E at 3am, I had a nasty asthma attack and have been given lots and lots of steroids which make me rather hungry, good job we brought lots of fruit!
Thank you...I think it was caused by a pineapple yogurt I am avoiding them in the future! Any way back on track I think. I maded fish blobs last night they were supposed to be fishcakes but turned into blobs. They were delicous. I used poached salmon, mashed potato, an egg, some parsley and fry light. I baked them for 25 mins and served them with roasted tomatoes, beans and slimming world chips.
Tonight I am ccoking for brother and SIL so have made beef casserole, roast spuds, brocoli and carrots all totally syn free on extra easy. Have a lovely weekend!
and i hope you have a great weekend too. Don't know when you are back to work, but I'm back on Thursday ( children not back till Monday). Have loved being on holiday and not looking forward to going back:(
I am back to school on wednesday, and have my children on Thursday morning, Friday morning and then mornings only next week. I am teaching reception again this year so am preparing for tears and tantrums (thats from me and my TA!). I am okay about going back but know that it is going to be lots of work. Have a good weekend and enjoy next week!

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