honk if you were 100% today

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Tummy Tamer, 9 February 2010 Social URL.

  1. Tummy Tamer

    Tummy Tamer Full Member

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  3. Yambabe

    Yambabe Bad Girl


    Day 11 now and I've not slipped at all. :) Perhaps I should add a "so far" to that though!
  4. dawniesvan

    dawniesvan Member

    had a bit of a slip though, day 9 for me too
  5. Magggie

    Magggie Full Member

    What do you mean by honk ?

    Break wind???
    Maggie-lowering the tone ;-)
  6. dawniesvan

    dawniesvan Member

    Ha ha ha Maggie, speaking of which there is a bit of that on this diet, strange but never had the same problem on LL
  7. justgina

    justgina taking it 1 day at a time

    Honking with you...
  8. Tummy Tamer

    Tummy Tamer Full Member

    Oh Maggie , Maggie, this is a respectable thread. I had hoped for serious honkers only, surely you can post on one of the many other bodily function, fluid, fluctuation, fascinated threads. This is a hardcore finely tuned extreme abstinence pro thread.

    Sorry for that little low point on the thread ladies, I hope it hasn't spoiled your honkjoyment maybe we can get a moderator to delete it or something.

    Back to the honking !!!!!
    Last edited: 9 February 2010
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  9. Tummy Tamer

    Tummy Tamer Full Member

    I know you are new , but don't let Maggie drag you down. These are the kind of dieters your Mother warned you about. BEWARE !
  10. Magggie

    Magggie Full Member

    you're going to get a moderator to delete my post because I posted a funny?

    you are a strange one TT

  11. Magggie

    Magggie Full Member

    Last edited: 9 February 2010
  12. Yambabe

    Yambabe Bad Girl

    Calm down Mrs B, I suspect someone's tongue was quite firmly lodged in their cheek around these parts just recently.......;)

    Hey! Now there's an idea for a new diet lol, forget Atkins, sign up for Yambabe's Tongue In Cheek diet, bit of superglue and you'll never get that bit of cake past.........:D
  13. Magggie

    Magggie Full Member

    I dunno Yams
    Hope you're right

    TT's humour seems all, well a little "off" (at someone else's expense)

    I guess we are used to someone calling a you know what, a you know what
  14. Yambabe

    Yambabe Bad Girl

    Nearly as far "off" as yours usually is, even? :p

    Least it ain't Jengagate here - yet lol ;)
  15. Magggie

    Magggie Full Member

    I could do with a nice bite of Jenga at the mo to keep me warm Yams ;D
  16. Blorpy

    Blorpy Full Member

    I can't honk AGAIN.

    I had one square of 85% dark chocolate

  17. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely

  18. Tummy Tamer

    Tummy Tamer Full Member


    I was joking !

    Sorry, will reply to posts about breaking wind with utmost seriousness from now on.

    Still hoping to have fun on here one day,
  19. Tummy Tamer

    Tummy Tamer Full Member

    A minor minor teeny weeny diversion. Hardly worth mentioning. Go Blorpy !!!
  20. Blorpy

    Blorpy Full Member

    I really want to honk today, I could do with releasing some wind!

    I only ate the choco, as as much as i brush my teeth/spray my gob, there's a prevailing taste of poop in my mouth :'(

  21. Yambabe

    Yambabe Bad Girl

    Tell you what Blorpy, seeing as I have my peestix (there we go on the bodily functions again!) I am seriously thinking about trying some no-sugar chewing gum to see if it knocks me out of ketosis.

    If it does well fine it shouldn't take long to sort that out again, if not then at least one stick a day might be sneaking into my diet.

    At the moment I'm just cleaning my teeth lots!

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