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I have a start date at last.....

Ive only been waiting for almost 4 weeks, I'm starting on 1st October, So anyone else out there gonna be an October starter?

I am so pleased I cant wait to get started and into it. I will be starting 2009 a new and happier person.

Thanks to all you guys I have lots of tips for preparing, I'm cutting my carbs and have bought myself a funky notebook for writing down my reasons for wanting to lose weight, the times I have wanted to hide away from the world, things I have missed out on becuase of gaining weight. Also to write all the postives things for losing weight like going for my bridesmaid dress fitting in feb a lot slimmer :D Am so looking fwd to it.

Just want to say thanks to everyone on this all you guys have inspired me to do the LL programme and shown me it will work given hard work and commitment. You have all done and are doing a remarkble thing. Im so looking fwd to meeting people who will be startign the journey with me and everyone who has going thru it now.

Im so excited, it seems like I was waiting forever to get a start date and now I have one I can focus on preparing myself. I was almost giving up hope of ever doing it.
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Hi Em,

That is great news. You sound very motivated and ready for it. Keep that going. I am sure you will do amazingly well.

Looking forward to watching your progress.


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Yey!! You must be so excited! I'm in week four, and STILL excited about the end result... and finding it pretty easy too! Woop woop!
Good luck - can't wait to read all about your losses - it's a hell of a ride, just hold on tight and you'll be wowing the congregation at the wedding in no time! :D
A x
Thanks you guys. Ill be keeping you all filled in on my journey and asking for lots of help and encouragement. i am SO glad I found this forum its ace!

I am going to be a bridesmaid next year and we are getting fitted for the dresses in February so I am so excited to see what size I will be. I want to feel really confident in the dress. Just really helps to have a start date feeling like I'm getting closer.
:p Oh no the brides is gonna look amazing no chance of upstaging her, she is gonna be very glam. Also her dress makes her waist look tiny!! The bridesmaid dresses are quite fitted, eekkk!! She is a little bigger than me and would also like to do LL I would love it if we could do it together but her partner is dead against LL. Maybe when he sees how I get on he might change his mind. I am so glad my other half is 100% behind me.
Good Luck emzski, you'll be surprised at how easy you find LL, my husband is also behind me, I think he has finally realised how unhappy I was being so big and now supports me all the way. Fitted dresses - no problem by next year, you will look fab.
Great news Emzski, and what a brill goal you have to aim towards... that should definitely keep you motivated!! Best of luck, you'll do fantastically!
hi, i am new too, i start on the 24th sept. i will have the counselling group in the evening then start the actual ll on the 25th Sept. so we are only 1 week apart! i will be looking out for you, and we must spur each other on, through the difficult times! i love minimims!!!;)
Thanks!! I am so glad I found MiniMins, if it wasn't for this forum and the wondefull people on it I prob wouldn't have even considered LL. One of my friends confessed to me yesterday that she tried it for 1 week quite a while ago (I havent told her im starting it), she said that the shakes are awfull and she could barly keep them down, it made me worry but I came on here had a read of all the posts and Im not going to let her put me off, Im so determinied to do this! I have told my best friend and other half i am doing it, ill prob tell my mum as well but apart from that i dont want to tell lots of people as I know alot of people will try to put me off or even try to tempt me with nights out etc. Im very determined and so ready for it.

How has everyone elses friends & family reacted to LL?


Guess who's back...?
Hi Emz,

Mine have all been great, except one - which is pretty annoying, hehe. I did the opposite and told EVERYONE that would listen about it - even told them my start weight... it is more of an incentive to do it, otherwise I'll look like I failed and given in, lol. Every day I get new compliments of friends and people that have heard I am doing it - and on the whole people are fasinated by it and really impressed by my dedication! I might be one of the lucky ones - you do hear the horror stories about people reacting badly to the news of someone doing LL, but I've really relied on the support from people. :D

As for the shakes - they are yummy! I am about to make my banana shake now for lunch - I've just discovered if you pop it in the microwave it tastes IDENTIAL to banana custard. YUMMY! My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it! The only one I don't like, and others in my class don't like, is caramel - all the others are scrummilicious - in my honest opinion!!

GOOD LUCK!! What date do you start again?

Anna x