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Horror Films

Hi Nick- all the good horror films these days seem to be japanese- Audition is my favourite- totally stomach-churning, but you have to get through the very slow build up. As for new releases, nothing on that front Im afraid- all boring teen grindhouse. Wolf creek was the last decent horror film I saw. Dog solidiers was good but that is about 4 years old.


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The Scariest Movies Ever!:hide:

Here is a link to the top 12:)

The Scariest Movies Ever!

There is a couple on this list I have not seen.:(

I loved the ending in Carrie, I remember we nearly jumped out of our skin:eek: the first time we seen it...:D
Love scary movies:eek:

Next time you come over Nick you can have a look through the DVD cupboard and borrow some if you havent seen them. Soon as a scary movie comes out I buy it.

Went on Ebay a few months ago and bought loads of scary ones I'd never seen before.



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I love horror films, but can't seem to find any good realises lately. I like blood, violence, demons, aliens, Vampires, and and all that.:eek:
Anyone seen any of these recently and would recommend them to the ultimate horror fan.

Nick :D :D
oooooh now here's a subject I LOVE! I'm an absolute die hard fan of horror movies, and in particular love vamps - it's not horror but I'm just making my way thru by box set of 'Angel' dvd's lol

Have you seen the Saw movies? The first one is excellent, but they are all gud, also Hostel? That's been deamed gruesome, I must admit tho, I haven't watched a horror film yet that has either scared me or turned my stomach, I guess I'm just too bloodythirsty - as for vamp films, I love the Blade trilogy and also Tarantino's Dusk Till Dawn :cool:
I've got Hostel, but admit I haven't been brave enough to watch it yet thanks to you, Angel and J after telling me how gruesome it is! :D

Nick, I sent you a list of my DVD's, but there was a few missing, there's also a few new one's I've got now which look quite good.
Happy hunting, and if you see any decent one's can you let me know please? :)


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I'm a bit of a horror addict, I watch quite a lot of world cinema horror movies too :

Check out Switchblade Romance if you haven't already seen it, very good french horror.

What else, erm Wilderness, Severance, The Grudge (the Japanese version), The Skeleton Key, House of Wax, Hills have Eyes remake, Boo, Stay Alive.....
Eyeballs are OK, as is gore, strangely enough I can stomach all that but can't stomach watching someone being sick, weird or what? But then, I never claimed to be normal! :D
Hi guy's,

Thanks guy's for the recommendations. Yes Wiccan Witch, watch it you sissy, are you a horror fan or what ?:D :D only joshing.

My favourite films are the Evil Dead trilogy and the Demons 1 and 2. They are just so mad abit like me, thats why I like them.

They are worth a watch


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