Hot or Cold Water?????

Hi Everyone,

I am starting CD today, again. Out of the packets I have tried before they all left an after taste.

To solve that this time I am going to half each packet (so have 6 in the day instead of 3) and hopefully this will water it down for me and I will be able to stomach it.

Anyway the question.... Hot or Cold water for Chocolate, Chocolate Mint & Strawberry?

I know it can depend on taste, but which would be easier to swallow?


I love my shakes cold with crushed ice in the summer .... and hot in the winter. My favourite hot shakes are banana, cappuchino and choc mint (made with mint tea to make it mintier!!)
I have mine hot or cold depending on what I fancy at the time. They are ok either way. :)

I found my 'tastes' changed over the weeks too, some packs that I liked before I didnt afterwards and some I just couldnt stand. :eek:

Am sure you will get used to them soon. Just stick with it and drink loads of water. :)

Best wishes on your CD journey, its well worth it... I wouldnt be where I am today, a lot happier, lighter and nearly at my target weight without CD. I tried all the other diets and this one has worked.

Lots of lovely people on here with great advice too that will help you along the way.
The after taste your getting is the vitamins and minerals and this will go away in a time.

If you drink a glass of water before and after it will help to dilute the taste.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks all for replying.

I just tried half a packet of the Choc Mint with hot water and it was nice. I think the mint blocked out the after taste. Either that or the fact that I halved the packet so that it was watered down.

Anyway we'll see how I will go. I don't want to go over the 200lbs mark ever again.