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Hot weather, amyone else annoyed they didn't start SW sooner?


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Hi all

With this hot weather we are having I am beginning to regret not starting my weight loss journey sooner. Its a real kick in the teeth seeing people walk around in lovely sun dresses, baring flesh, just makes me feel even worse about myself. Makes me wonder whats the point I am never gonna be able to wear that kind of stuff this year, I have just left in too late.

Anyone else feel like this?
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Come on Wish! Stop beating yourself up! You've had a really good weightloss on your first week and as it carries on you will gain confidence and realise that at whatever weight we are we can be gorgeous. And YES! There is a point to it all, and you have started to do something about it. You'll have lots more summers to be proud of your body, cut yourself some slack!


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I started last August, and when I went on my summer holiday I'd already lost half a stone, but I too was wishing I started earlier as I felt so conscious of myself and my body. But like Judi says you've got to keep looking ahead and think of all the wonderful summers you're going to have in the future!

I've stuck with SW for almost a year and nearly at target now, this summer is going to be the first summer in a long while where I'm going to feel better about myself.

Keep up with the good work so far, you WILL get there!
I kinda feel the same but have got a strappy top on and jeans (didnt know if should shave or iron my legs tho). Wear what you want and if people dont like it its their tough luck x x x x


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i know what you mean, but you have just got to think, this is the last summer i will feel like this.

Hot weather and being overweight isnt fun (chaffing if you wear long skirts, sweating etc) but its great for food - all i want is salad and yoghurts and cool drinks (i dont know how ive consumed all the water ive drank today....my inside must be swimming)

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and not letting it get you down - because, you HAVE started to make changes as you are already doing very well on SW! good luck - your goal day will be here before you know it! x
Dont beat yourself up hon. You COULD wear it if you wanted, your choosing not too.. But i understand why, i didnt when i was at my heaviest.

use this as your motivation, your turning point. This is your last summer you will ever spend like this. We'v all tried loosing weight before sw, but its different now. Your GOING to do it this time, and keep it off for life. You should be proud of yourself. Next summer, you'l look back and be able to truely recognise your acheivments and how far you'v come. You can do this.. i promise. If i can, you can too. xxxxx


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I really empathise on this, it's tough seeing others already in their summery small clothes but then again I think most of them haven't conquered this challenge that we're facing. You're making the change and you're gonna look amazing next Summer. Don't let this be a bad thing, as the ladies said above you will be more into fresh foods and moving around will benefit more in the heat!

Good luck and don't lose heart, we're all here for you!
Don't give up, you've made the biggest step, and you've already had a fab weight loss! Remember, this is only May and this weather is unusually hot for this time of year. It's supposed to go back to normal next week! (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!) BUT (and that's a big but!) come July/August, you are gonna be a lot smaller, and you will be the one walking about in a summer dress, showing off the flesh! :D
I lost 16lb last year with SW, went on holiday but didn't go back to group afterwards (even though I had loads more to lose) ended up putting it all back on plus a bit more. This year still have the same problems, chaffing thighs, worrying about being the largest person on the beach. Difference is this year I will make sure I go back to group after my holiday even if I have had a gain. Good luck chick & stay strong. x


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Awww thank you everyone for the encouraging and honest posts, it does mean a lot to know that others understand.

You will be glad to hear I haven't thrown the towel in:D You are right, I have to start somewhere and this time next year I hope to be at target and sauntering around flashing toned flesh instead of flab:p

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