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house moving advice needed !


Queen of the Damned
Oooooh,I dunno!!! But just wanted to say hi :wavey:


Queen of the Damned
Probably have to speak to your solicitor because I believe it constitutes breaking the contract....


Silver Member
Dont wanna say anything yet because he's a little volatile and we are days away from signing but he rang me and dropped into he conversation that he sold said item and thats all. I didnt want to say anything because he would call the sale off , he called the sale off for less last time !

It's not something needed, but, it was put in the fixtures list by him and we were very pleased !

I am soo pi$$ed off but i don't wanna lose this house!

I just wanted to know if i mention it after we move in what may happen dont want him to come and burn my house down lol !



Queen of the Damned
Oh I see :eek: Hmmm, you gotta balance his possible :silly: reaction against the object's worth.


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I think legally you are within your rights to insist the items are there.

But, if it's not contractually yours yet - are the items worth possibly losing the house over ??
If not, I'd keep quiet until the contract's are all signed and then query it. Normally you only see what they've taken once it's yours and you move in, so you wouldn't know he'd done this in advance.

Good luck with it.


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Hi Ellie,
Yes i think thats what i may do ,i am unsure of the process involved if it costs me hundreds in solicitors fees then it wouldn't be worth it !

Also i know he has sold the item .

Nowt stranger than folk !


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