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how am i going to stick it??!!

I am on day 2 and i am really really hungry................thinking this is a torture!!!! i dont even have a energy to go for a walk..............and i am HUNGRY!:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:
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aww hun first 3 days are like that so try and see it as a positive signal you are on the right way....drink water....take a rest....pamper yourself with a hot bath....lose yourself in a good book....plan some mini goals and rewards....good luck x


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stick in there you'll be in ketosis by tomorrow and you will feel better (promise) run yourself a bubblebath and have a pamper session. DON'T GIVE UP NOW
thanks for all the replays................i am trying very hard not to bite an appleor pear!coz i have a 4 year old at home all those goodies are just looking at me and telling me : 'eat me eat me' lol


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Don't do it! I can guarantee when you don't, you'll wake up tomorrow feeling so happy you didn't. No one is making you do this - you chose to do it even though you knew the first few days would be hard. There must have been very good reasons for that even if they don't seem so important now. Get through this and you will get the rewards - a diet that is surely the easiest diet in the world to stick to, and huge fast weight loss.
Just take it as easy as you possibly can till you feel better, and don't worry if you let things slip - you'll have energy in bucketloads soon to catch up xxx
hang in there hun keep drinking lots of water and coming on here if you are struggling go to top of page and look at insperational slide show before and after photos when i was struggling thats what i would do and it helped me a lot i found my first 2 and 5 day omg sooo hard but thats what i did and when i was on day 6 i felt great and i have felt fab ever since i got a little hungry this week around 9pm so i just went to bed with my water and a good book keep going hun it will be so worth it ....jenni
drink loads of water, apart from being good for the diet...it all fills you up...keep glugging! :):)
thanks kitten kat i think that is one thing i ll be sick of after this programme is water!!! i am trying to drink up to 4 ltr a day :) oh boy hard work! lol

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