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How are all the other restarters doing?

Just wondering how all the other re-starts are doing. I'm quite excited about the diet just now. After quite a few restarts last year, I've finally managed to get past the 1st week.....and the 2nd actually. I feel I'm at the stage now that it has become habit...well almost anyway. Obviously there have been some difficult moments too but I'm doing alright I think. The weight isn't shift as quickly as I'd like but I'm happy enough considering I'm on 790. I've still a long journey ahead of me but I'll plod along and hopefully get there eventually. I've been busy looking at holidays for October and I think we're going to Cyprus. Hoping that this will give me the the motivation to keep going and I'd love to be at target before then.

Anyway, was just checking in and hoping you're all coping ok.

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Hya! I am doing ok this time round. I think that getting the hang of the water drinking has made a really positive difference for me. I have to start the glugging early to get it all in.


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I'm doing good, lost 21 pounds in 29 days, not bad at all!

Had a few wobbly moments, nothing to worry about but just eaten an extra pack or bit of chicken here or there...never in danger of getting off the diet though.

I'm on week 5 and don't see a problem in getting to week 25!

Hope everyone else is doing well - Joe
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Going slowly but surely on 790. Can't say I'm jumping with enthusiasm like I was first time around but just taking it day by day.

13lb down so far (3 weeks) - hoping to make it a stone tomorrow. :)
Like RD, I can't say I'm jumping with enthusiasm either - I'd say I am "resigned" to it..... have lost 16lbs in 2 weeksand am now starting week 3 SSing... keep reminding myself of Icemoose's mantra "Head down and eyes on the prize" - and that helps.

I also remind myself that time passes whether I'm doing this or not- and I dont want to look back in 6 months time when its hot and sunny and still be fat and WISH I had stuck to it now! (If that makes sense lol)
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
That makes perfect sense Mrs Pink. I think that a lot of us overweight peeps spend our lives looking backwards thinking 'I wish' instead of looking forwards thinking 'I'm going to'.
I've got flu, so I'm feeling pretty run down. I'm still in my 1st wk, having lost 5lbs in 2 days, I haven't lost no more since then tho and that was 3 days ago, not even a pound! Felt a bit discouraged, until I put on my trousers this morning and noticed they seemed alot loser. The length was fine before, but now its scrapping the floor, and the waist is a lot loser, no indents in my skin. But I still would like to see the scales move some more, but saying all that, I do still feel quite strengthened in that I feel no temptation towards food at all, don't know if that might be to do with the fact that I've got flu therefore have lost my appetite, I have to force myself to take my food packs. Never mind, monday 4th feb will make it 1 full wk I've been on CD, I should loose a few more pounds by then shouldn't I?
Hi ladies:wave_cry:

Gosh, Im finding it pretty tough. on day 4 now, had a nibble of chicken tikka and extra bars yesterday, scales show 2.5lb loss, so not brilliant, slowly but surely.:rolleyes: More positive than previous restarts, just cant seem to get back in that 'virginal' first time zone! I dont think it will ever be the same o0r somehow as exciting as that first time 2 years ago..:eek:gosh i can remember the bizz so vividly but cant seem to transport myself back there. Eyes on prize and looking forward to what we will and can achieve in the future is key.
Keep going ladies..hey, how you feeling about the weekend. Fridays have been takeaway and wine night for quite some time now.:mad: I think my hub/son will still indulge so will have to do soem forward thinking or come on here for distraction. Getting back into scrabbleblast so hey ho!!!:D

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
It's definitely tougher - no doubt about it. I don't think I'll ever get into that 'golden time' zone I was in first time around. I think that, back then, I was so amazed by the super-fast loss I focussed on it exclusively and didn't pay much attention to what was behind the eating issues that led me to morbid obesity in the first place. Consequently, when things started to go wrong, I was right back to eating healthily but bingeing in between and my weight rocketed again.

It's certainly going to be a slower journey this time but one where, hopefully, I can learn valuable lessons along the way. I'm trying to get out of the 'all or nothing' / 'black or white' mindset.
I have some work to do to get out of that mindset too, RD.... feast (binge) or famine (diet) .... That is the main reason for me getting so overweight in the first place! All those "better eat this now coz the diet starts tomorrow" episodes....
think i'm in a similar position to a few of you, so really glad i dropped by. i found it really easy first time and am now really struggling. i just want to get back to feeling great, jumping out of bed early in the morning because i was so excited about getting on the scales. am giving myself a serious talking too tonight and concentrating all my efforts from tomorrow. made harder by the fact that my husband is on his first go and is breezing through and the weight is dropping off him.
i want to succeed so much but feeling really down about my inability to should the dedication i did last year.
sounds rubbish but good to know that i'm not the only one who feels like this.
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I am on day 4 again and really finding it hard, I have been trying to get back on track for so long now and just cant get past the first week.

Why do you only get one easy go at this?
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Hi all.

Day 5 for me. It's rather tough this time around I must confess on Wednesday I was going to break and give up.:( So I treated myself to a coke zero and so far so good :) I am dying for something but I will not give in. I feel disgusted when I look in the mirror. This is what all that rubbish food does gives you lard alll over your body:(

I know if I can't just have a little bit fo something because I know I won't stop if I start. I might give AAM a try I've never done that. Last time I did CD I did SS for 8 weeks then i broke it.:(

Good luck all I'll take some photos for before this weekend
Glad you're all still coping. It is weird how it is just so much more difficult 2nd, 3rd or 4th time round. I cheated on day 5 this time. After that I gave up on SSing and got right onto 790 on day 6. I'm now into the diet and apart from sometimes just wishing I could eat something tasty, I'm actually coping ok. I'm into more of a habit now( i remember someone telling me once that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit)... I admit to having meats sometimes in my 790 meal that I'm not supposed to be allowed. I'm staying in ketosis though and not eating anything fatty so it should be fine (others might argue this but I have to do what works for me). My own scales looks like I'm not far off having lost my 1st stone so I'm happy with that.

Like others have said I don't feel the same excitement as I did 1st time. I think in my case it's because I know now that it is all too easy to fall off the wagon and regain the weight. I'm scared of that happening again and I suppose I'm also frightened of building my hopes up too much. I do think that as time goes on I am growing in confidence and I'm feeling more and more like I'll be able to do it this time. I think something that is keeping me going this time is that fact that I've decided to have planned breaks from the diet ( Maybe not the best idea) but for me it means now that I know I only have 10weeks to go before I go to London and have my 1st planned break. I'm just hoping that I can get back on after a planned break....Time will tell. My next break after that is a friends wedding in July. Then the next one is another wedding in September. I just means that a know my weight loss will take a long time but I can concentrate on one 'block' at a time.

Anyway, I hope you are all coping with the weekend's temptations.

i have so far managed to do 3 good days since my last post on this thread and am feeling positive about carrying on for the rest of the week. i have been really tempted by things but so far my resolve has held out. i'm meant to be having add a mouthful week but i will see how much of that i want to have in case it puts me back again. pleased that i'm giving SS a good crack but know the option of 790 will still be good should i wobble.


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S: 14st5lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st12lb(5.97%)
I'm plodding on. Giving up with the scales because i am so easily disheartened by them so i am keeping to my "clothes reckoner" and measuring my loss by how loose my uniform is each day/week.


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I am still doing well, came out of ketosis which was a blow as added balsamic to my salad without realising it was a problem, but hey ho, still lost 3 pounds this week adn am sat in a pair of size 16 skinny jeans so am a happy bunny!


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S: 14st5lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 0st12lb(5.97%)
I went out for the day with my husband and we went out for lunch. I just had a plate of shellfish, no dressing so just protein. Back at work tomorrow and i find it so much easier there SOOOOO much easier. I am too busy to eat and drink loads. Overall it is going ok buti amn disheartened at the low weight loss in my recent times.xx Anyway girls, we must just keep going. As someone said earlier, the time passes anyway, we may as well just pass that time dieting.
Well I just had 2lbs off this week but I'm not too worried. From my experiences 1st time round I know that I often have a low loss one week followed my a good loss so as long as it averages out I don't mind. I've lost a stone now though so although that's a lot slower than most I'm happy with that. I can't wait to get another stone off then I'll not be too far off what I was at my lowest 1st time then I'll maybe get excited about it. I'm lucky that hubby is doing this with me so we just eat the same... Still have to feed my daughter though!! I also have the support from a fab friend ( Leaving the fat suit) which really helps immensely... So hope you're all doing ok.


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