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How are you doing it?


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losing weight I mean, are any of you on a particular diet like cd, sw or are you just cutting down on things?

I am doing the paul Mckenna - I can make you thin system, not sure how it is going weight wise as i can't weigh myself until next wed. i feel better within myself and i don't feel so tired, but i am not sure how you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight.
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hi nessa
I`m doing CD this is my 4th day today and not doing to bad but will only be able to confirm this once i`ve been weighed on thursday.
not saying its been a easy day 2 or 3 with it being weekend but i stuck to it been a few tamtras and tears and been sent to my room lol (yes he did on saturday when i insited i was having beans on toast)
but today omg belly thunder has been unbelivable!!!!
Hi Nessa, I am simply cutting down on portions + no saturated fats + doing 1 hour's walking on Tues + Thurs after dinner (3hrs a day @ weekends), 20 mins on rowing machine Mon + Wed + Fri before dinner. I've also cut out milk and cheese, opting for soya milk instead (the choc one is delic. on Shredded Wheat for brekkie). Every day I eat as much fruit + veg as poss. On Sunday evening we make a vast fruit salad (apps/pears/grapes/blueberries/whole pineapple/oranges, in apple juice) which lasts all week. I don't weigh foods or count every calorie but a general rule of thumb is fist sized carb, weetabix size protein and unlimited veg for dinner. Fri + Sat I still drink wine but no alcohol during the week. In 7 weeks I have lost 18lbs. I prefer it to come off steadily...slowly but surely!!;) Tonight's dinner (cooking now) is leeks, carrots, swede, onions and potatoes chunked, with pre-cooked lean pork cubes, lentils, plenty of black pepper, topped up with Marigold veg Bouillon and pressure cooked for 20mins. Delicious with a slice of unbuttered wholemeal!!!
Hi Nessa
Im doing low carb diet. Tried loads of diets over the years but finding this really suits me as I think I was addicted to carbs! I ate soo much bread but don't miss it now. Been doing this for 8 weeks, so far so good!:)


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Just cutting down on things... lost 2 stone in 1 month.
I think i would go back on cd if i could afford it.
Im hoping i save money from not drinking alcohol and not buying food! on the plus side i cant afford food as i have bought the shakes and soups for CDSS which i started 3 days ago :eek: was/am hoping to do this for a while but I am really missing the taste of something nice in my mouth, maybe i'l look at one of the other CD's

Jus x


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
I'm doing the Cambridge Diet. I've only just started it and I'm really excited!! :D


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S: 15st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.13%)
Hello Nessa!, glad to hear your feeling good on Paul McKenna. It'll be interesting to see how weigh in goes!! be sure to keep us posted.

Have to add wow!!! and well done on your weight loss to date - you look absolutely fantastic!!.

I'm doing weight watchers and I absolutely love it. Funny isnt it, nearly all of us on this thread are doing something different - just proves how different we all are and how we need to find something that suits us as individuals.

I've lost 6 stone 10 lbs in 11 months on ww and Im really happy with that, I've had the odd few weeks "off" here and there, for Christmas, holidays etc.. but on a whole have stuck to it as I find Im never deprived of anything which makes me stay put.

I was like you for a long time, couldnt understand how I could eat chocolate, takeaways etc.. when I was supposed to be dieting and still managed to loose weight, but hey! it HAS worked and I'm definately not complaining he he!!.

Best of luck pet xx

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