How are you losing weight?

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  1. MissPiggy

    MissPiggy New Member

    I come across this forum quite by accident, but for the last hour or so have been absolutely engrossed in its contents.
    Forgive me for sounding so thick but is everyone following the same kind of diets or are people on all different kinds?

    I am embarking on a life changing way of eating tomorrow, its been 4 weeks in the planning, D day is tomorrow. Would be nice to be able to post somewhere where I might get support, or talk to others that are losing weight.

    I have chosen to just cut down, no slimming clubs or anything yet.

    I have 171lb to go, I think its going to be a long journey but I am sick of weight interfering in my life and plans.

    Anyway, if someone could generally fill me in on this place? I really would be most grateful :)

    Many thanks,
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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Yes we are all using different ways to lose weight but there isn't one right way as we are all different with different life styles. Some of us are on a Very Low Calorie Diet either Cambridge Diet, Lighter Life or Lipotrim. Others go to either WW, SW, RC or following a low calorie diet. Start a diary many of us have and let us support you. Also have a look at the WeMitt thread stands for We Mean it This Time and is especially for those of us with a lot of weight to lose.
  4. MissPiggy

    MissPiggy New Member

    Thank you for that :) I did not want to be posting in a forum where everyone was doing one specific kind of a diet. I have been reading the WeMITT's thread, its amazing and also looking at all these before and after pictures :)

    I am positive and despite being 24 stone now I am not feeling to down, just really eager to make the changes :) Have even hired a treadmill so i do not have to go to the gym just yet:)
  5. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    You are so positive so good luck. I keep a book and write everything in that I have and record my thoughts and weight losses. Make sure you have some pics taken before you start and take your measurements I didn't do either and now regret it. And look at the small steps rather than the whole picture. My first mini goal was to get into the 19 st something instead of 20 st something, then to lose a st etc and I rewarded myself with little presents eg CD, DVD or a smelly from Lush or the Body Shop
  6. jane

    jane Opinionated


    Hire a treadmill,what a bright idea. The Catch 22 of need to go to Gym to lose wt. but can't face being seen at gym untill lost weight must be familiar to more than just you & me.

    Just in case this doesn't work for you can I put in a brief word in favour of gyms & fatties from personal experience.
    I found a small ,fairly basic (&consequently cheap) women only gym 3 yrs ago (2st+ heavier than currently) The Staff were charming from day one,other members too as soon as I became a familiar face. When I went regularly they would compliment me on my progress. Miss a couple of weeks & someone would ask if I had been ill etc.
    An older woman joined who was much bigger than me , walking with 2 sticks because of her weight.I watched several of the other 'grey-age' members take her under their wing. 2-3 weeks after joining I bumped into her in the changing room siiting on a bench crying. It turned out that she was overwhelmed by the friendship & suport she had recieved & had fully expected to be shunned,stared & sniggered at.
    I'vejust reread this story -it reads a bit slushy ,for which I apologise. but it is true.
    You probably don't need my views on Gyms,but you're about to get them. There are places where Yummy mummys go to plan their next skiing trip &pose in the changing room in thongs.(& I've got a friend that can have me on the floor imitating them). there are other ones with ordinary people who as they know they aren't perfect & are much less judgemental than you'd expect.
    Sorry -didn't mean to go off on one,just meantto say good luck with the treadmill.
  7. MissPiggy

    MissPiggy New Member

    Thank you for your words of inspiration about your finding with your local gym, once i am down a bit i am hoping to join mine. I have the treadmill for 6 months. So here's to success :D
  8. GoingToLoseWeight

    GoingToLoseWeight Full Member

    hi Marie,

    this forum is great! There are different sections for different types of diet, and also general sections like this one.

    I'm on day 6 of the Cambridge Diet, starting weight was 19 stone.

    Best of luck!

  9. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Hi MP

    Well done on making a life changing decision - great idea to hire a treadmill!! Where from and how much???

    Look forward to hearing your progress....
  10. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Hi Miss Piggy!

    I'm following WW. What's great here is that it doesn't matter what path you're taking, it's the journey that counts. Everyone supports everyone else, whether they're doing the same diet or not.

    For example in the WW part of this board, we have people posting who are calorie counting, or simply cutting down.

    Also, feel free to join the February Challenge - which although 'based' in the WW section, lots of people from other plans (LL, CD, etc) are joining in.

  11. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    Hey MissPiggy:)

    I'm following the GI diet (calorie counting too) and have lost two stone over five months, it ain't superfast, however so far when I have come off the diet I have maintained my weight rather than gaining any... My target weight is nine stone.

    Minimins is great place and all diet-embracing! A good place come if you feel lonely or a little lost.

    Luv CC xx xx xx
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  12. Bethany246

    Bethany246 Banned

    Weight Watchers
    Hi Marie I am not following any plan yet I was thinking of just doing same as you cutting down but do you count calories or just eat healthy do you have any little treats or do you cut them out altogether as i have a sweet tooth and like my treats .You have done well losing weight without going to a slimming club.
    Good luck on your weight loss
  13. MissPiggy

    MissPiggy New Member

    I would lke to thank people for replying here. I have not been about for two weeks but have now joined slimming world, which i go to and have WW online.. I know its a little odd. But i am doing well so far :D
    I have lost a stone now :D
  14. Bethany246

    Bethany246 Banned

    Weight Watchers
    Hiya MissPiggy how long did it take you to lose a stone how are you finding slimming world

  15. GoingToLoseWeight

    GoingToLoseWeight Full Member

    Well done on losing a stone!

  16. Sleeping Princess

    Sleeping Princess Full Member

    Body Cycle Program
    My lifestyle change involves many aspects:

    *NLP: [SIZE=-1]Nero-Linguistic Programming - to change mindsets, emotional status etc...

    *Calorie Cycling to shock the body: total weekly kj's = 44,000 - daily breakdown = 6,286 kj

    [/SIZE][SIZE=-1] - 3 days at [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]5,000 kj - high protein, low saturated fats, low G.I - food change 1
    - 2 days at 6,000 kj -
    [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]high protein, low saturated fats, low G.I - food change 2
    [/SIZE][SIZE=-1] - 1 day at 7, 000kj - [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]high protein, low saturated fats, low G.I - food change 3[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1] - 1 day at 10, 000 kj - high carbs, low saturated fats, higher G.I - food change 4

    *Training cycle
    : broken up into 2 phases - 6 days training and 1 day rest per cycle

    - Week 1
    * 3 interval cardio sessions + 30 min isometric stretch (alternate)
    * 2 upper body weight routines + pilates - core abs (alternate)
    * 1 lower body weight routine + pilates - core abs (alternate)

    - Week 2
    * 3 interval cardio sessions
    [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]+ 30 min isometric stretch[/SIZE][SIZE=-1](alternate)
    * 2 lower body weight routines
    [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]+ pilates - core abs[/SIZE][SIZE=-1](alternate)
    * 1 upper body weight routine +
    [/SIZE][SIZE=-1] pilates - core abs[/SIZE][SIZE=-1](alternate)

    *Visualization - of my "lifetime weight" - Act, think and feel as though I am there now!

    *Past accomplishments - use the past successes to create success now

    *Developed virtual image of myself - take it everywhere I go - have 15 in the house on the walls


    Sleeping Princess
  17. TwoPoundsPerWeek

    TwoPoundsPerWeek Full Member

    I count calories and keep at or below 1400 per day. I make those calories count as much as possible with high fiber choices, and lots of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates. I try very hard to eliminate trans fats altogether each day, and I try to keep most of my fats in the mono and ploy-unsaturated categories. I also work out several days a week, although to be honest, I've slacked a bit
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  19. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    That sounds a very sensible plan :)
  20. TwoPoundsPerWeek

    TwoPoundsPerWeek Full Member

    Thanks! I really am better at the tried and true than I am at the newer or more experimental diets. I took the best nutrition class in school last semester and I learned so much. It just made it sound so reasonable and logical, and a light bulb went off. I am thinking of looking into the intuitive eating, but only because I feel like that can still fit in with a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  21. boro4279

    boro4279 Member

    This is a great forum.....can someone tell me how to get the info from I can't seem to work it out?!
  22. mandye

    mandye Silver Member

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    look in tutorials one of the options on the blue band at top of page .there is a how to on tickers easy to follow xx
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