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How awesome is SW!!


loves SW!!
I'm just sitting down to plan my meals for next week so I can go shopping tomorrow. I'm loving that I can still have fajitas and lasagne as part of my week! :D I also still have plenty of syns left (which will probably mainly be used for chocolate) so I'm not feeling in any way deprived!

Just had to share that with you guys (hubby doesn't have the same love of food as I do - he eats whatever I give him).
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Sing it sister!


loves SW!!
It just makes such a difference when I'm not having to stop eating the things I enjoy. I did Weightwatchers Core plan a few years ago and lost 3 stone in 5 months but had to cut out so much food that as soon as I started eating normally again I managed to put it all back on again and more. SW feels like a much more normal way of eating and I'm feeling less stressed about it - even though this time I have a lot more to lose.


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I'm in week 3 and loving SW!! Lost 4lb so far which i'm happy with. I absolutely love cooking, so the diet suits me. I've just made a batch of cajun chicken soup for lunches next week - I usually make up a batch of one thing to have for lunch during the week. Some might say thats boring, but I find what I make much nicer that a sandwich, plus i'm also saving money.

My hubby is amazingly supportive. He doesn't need to lose any weight, hes very athletic and very slim, but he suffers with bad skin, and the fresh food and veg we are having for tea has had a great impact in his skin!

Fingers crossed for this weeks weigh in - i'm hoping for my 1/2 stone sticker! xx


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I totally agree, I love love love SW!!!!!

I started sw 29 December and have lost 5 pounds so far and am still on the plan.
I go over syns and mess up at times, but I am really learning how to eat properly.

So many people slate sw because they say it doesn't teach you portion control but I disagree because the free foods are extremely filling and you are encouraged to bulk out your meals with low calorie veggies.

I have hated my body for the last few years after steadily gaining 2 stone. I dread the summer because I can't hide my flab and people ask if I am preggers due to me being apple shaped. But I can actually look forward to summer 2011 because I should have a body I can show off by then!

The best advice I have been given on this site is that if I mess up one day, don't give up. Just get back on the wagon the next day. :D


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Just started back on SW last Monday and need to get back into the swing of things. But when I originally joined 4 years ago I just loved the fact that I can eat as much as I want (e.g. pasta on green). I just hate weighing and measuring everything that passes my lips. Life is too short for this if you ask me. So I hope I can stick with it this time. My problem is I'm not good with planning my food so I usually end up eating the same again and again because it's convenient and I've got everything at home. Yep, I'm a lazy cook, not much fun to cook for one.


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best diet i've done as it allows you to eat fairly normal food
i totally agree sw is the way forward!:) although i tried it twice with no joy but i know i didnt give it my all........ after reading these threads i'm gonna be on a mad one.... eat sleep and breathe sw lol........ hopefully i can have some support on here as i dont really want to join yet another group until i understand a bit better! not to mention the group thats near me didnt have the most encouraging leader :( xxx


I'm loving SW so far. I love the fact I feel more in control and the food is SO good.

I really look forward to my meal times now as well and am really careful about what I'm putting in my mouth now... really paying off too :D