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how bad would it be?

I'd say it would be an incredibly bad idea to eat anything - food isn't going to make you feel better, in fact, when you're ill everything tastes odd anyway, so it's probably the least satisfying time to do it!

Depending on what you ate, it might not have too great an effect on weight loss, but in terms of continuing the diet & the impact on your state of mind, it could be very damaging - I know if I went off & ate something now it would distinctly weaken my ability to continue & I could use it justify "just another day" or "I've ruined it now anyway" thinking...



Back on the diet train...
hey hun sorry u feelin rubbish. :(.

if u feelin that bad why not try some chicken? i was told by my chemist that if i ever get a moment that i wana binge agen eat a lil chicken coz it wont b as bad.

hope u feel better soon! big hug! :hug99:
i was really ill on tuesday an i had some tea as i needed to take painkillers felt better on wenesday and i carried on as normal and i still have lost this is my first week but i had to have something i got straight back to it and was ok but i admit i felt a lot better with something hot to eat if you need something hot have it you can always get back on it next day xxx
Can I assume you don't like the soup then? That could be a comfort to ya.

All I'd say is, if you do decide to eat, do it sensibly and with a very clear mind because I know from many past experiences that it can be near impossible to get going again. It only takes one bite to break your momentum. But at th eend of the day, your health is more important and you need to do what it takes to make yourself feel better.



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i wouldnt bother - food isnt going to warm you up is it!
hows about black tea/coffee? with sweetners? or even just warm water - that will defo help warm you up.:)


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ok well it is up to you at the end of the day if you think its guna make you better go fer it :) just make a sensible choice x
Hey hun

awwww sorry you're feeling so rubbish. I'd say that if at all possible don't- you've lost nearly a stone and a half which is amazing!! I'm just worried that if you do have something it will be a slippery slope.

If you do decide to- then just have some chicken salad or something which is less likely to mess things up.



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how did you night go chick? hope all was ok :) x
Yea ok summergirl thanks for asking i didnt succumb to eating but I have used some of my sons cough medicine as my throat is absolutely hurting soooooooo much, i know i shouldnt use it but i have too! xx


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hey medicine is medicine, if you need it have it :) glad you didnt eat though well done for resisting :) xx