How can i combat my self sabotage?


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My meeting is on Saturday mornings, and every week I leave full of enthusiasm. This lasts until Tuesday, and I am really good a track everything. I don't work on Wednesdays and that is when it goes wrong. Once my little girl goes down for her nap and I can chillax, I crave bad food and I always give it to it. To make matters worse, I am one of those people who lets a bad day become a bad rest of the week, and so it continues until my Saturday meeting renews my resolve.

I know I should just not have the food in the house, but I am just as likely to cave and eat a mountain of toast as chocolate or biscuits.

I am going to make it my weekly challenge to try and overcome this but I'm not sure how.
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Louise xx

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What sort of things do you choose with your points?? I done Ww for a while and was successful but found if I choose carbs like white bread, pasta ect It was a vicious circle and I craved more, when I choose better options protein ect my hunger was better controlled.

I would think about the reasons why you wanted to loose weight, look at before pictures and try on clothes you really really want to get on!!



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Hi hope you don't mind me butting in ( am new) I agree with the last post when I first started ww I was over the moon as I could have crumpet toast ect and the more I ate the more I wanted more!!! And didnt lose weight. I now try and just have 1 a day either bread for lunch or breakfast and just 1 small portion of carbs for dinner. I lost 1lb this week which is good for me!!!!
I then have a treat on Sunday whilst watching dancing on ice!!!!
A baileys and a small choc bar. I find this promise of a treat keeps me good all week and I don't feel guilty!!
Good luck to all xxx


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Couldnt you maybe have 0 point alternatives? I had to do this before i got ill on tues. Asda do kiddies fruit bags, 5 for £1.50. I got these just to nibble on when the cravings hit. Pineapple on a stick, yummy! Seriously though find something that works for you. Good luck :)


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Oh I know how you feel - I do it almost every week! I am determined and then it all goes wrong and I find myself going over points and then just eating everything in sight and saying 'I will start again tomorrow' - I think having a goal to aim for; such as a new dress etc is the only way to get it! I have got added motivation since me n my husband split up last month; I want to make sure that if I bump in to him I am looking better than ever! lol! I have also decided to treat myself by putting a £2 in a box for every lb lost, and then I am going to spend it on little treats like hair n make up :) x


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That's the thing though, I have healthy alternatives in the house, but I pass them over in favour of something rubbish. It's boredom I think, and really I should do some cleaning or something when Miss goes for a nap - nothing like scrubbing a toilet bowl to make you not want to pick up that chocolate bar I always think - but after running around after a toddler all morning I just want to collapse on the sofa for a bit.

I think I'll try to get back into doing my crochet again or find something else to keep my hands busy. And the kid's fruit bags are a good idea - if I try really hard maybe I can convince myself it is really a bag of crisps lol.

Thanks everyone. I guess I'll just keep trying new things until I find my solution.


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Hay snozberry :) sorry to hear your struggling, I think so many people have the same problem or similar anyway, I think the first step you have made is realising it is an issue for you, you could just be oblivious and have no idea why if your not loosing weight, I'm currently 18.4 stone and iv been doing WW for 2 weeks and I was like you a while ago and some reasons were due to being bored and I'm an emotional eater so specially if I was stressed but I think for me it's like someone has pressed a button inside me and my while attitude seems to be different, I got sick of heading myself moan about being big!!

I took before pictures and to be honest when I look at them they make me feel a bit ill but what really works for me is a couple of things, my best friend is doing this with me and if ever I have a wobbled moment I ring her and say things like "please convince me not to order this pizza" she just reminds me how crap I would feel if I got on the scales and i haven't lost weight knowing it could be down to eating that pizza, I also find the points value of anything I can get my hands on even if I'm not the one eating as you learn the points value of EVERYTHING and you can never give yourself the excuse of not knowing how many points it is and the points are still there even if you don't write it down lol I think each is too their own but hopefully someone else's support could give you and idea to find your own I just got tired of hurting myself by the food I ate :(

Good luck xxxxx

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As people have already said, most of us with weight probs struggle with emotional eating n cravings. Some behaviourist theories advocate acknowledging the craving and accepting it for wot it is then responding by doing something different. I work with substance (drugs n alcohol) misusers n do lots of work on cravings - recognising wot is happening psychologically n physically, accepting that its just a craving and whilst it may feel uncomfortable - it will pass.

The theory is that every time we repeat a behaviour, a neural path in our brain is created. each time time it is triggered, the neural path kicks in n the brain 'tells us' what to do next. If we respond differently to the craving, the neural path begins to die off n a new one develops.

For eg, coffee n choc bix are something I've enjoyed for years but hey - they make me fat! I've started having a low cal drink (diet coke or cordial) instead of coffee n my brain now doesn't 'tell me' to reach for the hob nobs because the association isn't part of an established neural path. Obviously i can override this with a conscious decision but the cravings r less than before. I was a 10-15 cups of coffee a day girl plus biccies!

Phew - lots of waffle from me! Hmmm waffles....triggers triggers everywhere!


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Thanks everyone. Well it could have been worse, just 0.5lb on today.

I am going to do my damndest to find something to do this Wednesday that doesn't involve plonking myself in the chair with the laptop, a cuppa and a mountain of food. I think you are right rachluvsbhg, maybe I am associating that veg time with feeding my munch monster.

So I *may* even dust off the Wii Fit and switch that on instead!

I also like the putting money aside for every lb lost. I am permanently skint with nursery fees though, so I think I'll have to do £1 for 1lb. It will give my terramundi pot something to do apart from looking pretty (and empty) on my bedside table if nothing else...


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The whole craving thing makes sense. I need to break some rotton habits too. Once my wee girl is in nursery in afternoons i just go on laptop and want to stuff my face with crap. I think my wii fit will have to be brought out again too! We can beat this.

Veggie Dieter

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I stopped smoking over a year ago and I can honestly say that it is similar to dieting - each day that you wake up you will be full of pride, remind yourself how well you did the previous day and that you can do it again today - the good feeling you get waking up is so much better that the guilty annoyed one.

Also think of how much your mood will be brighter when you see the scales going down, get the old photos out that you like of yourself and give yourself small achievable goals to cross off.

I remind myself that im also doing this to be a better role model for my children as I don't want to pass down to them the bad habits and associations I had with food.

I find that association with food is all to do with habit like the smoking one was, if you have a packet of crisps when you put your little one to sleep, try coming on here instead, I don't let myself eat when im on minimins and it works great for me as once im on here the time goes by nice and quick and it means i've saved a few points aswell. I want crisps and choc at 7 tonight so I came on here as a distraction and its now 9.30, im going to go in a bit and have them but the point being if I had of had them at 7 and would be wanting something else now, so this site helps me to delay and therefore save points.

I have sugar free jelly that ive made up in little pots in the fridge and I have them as a treat, I know it's not a bar of choc but I make sure I keep them for my weak moments (watching tv) and I also keep fat free yogurt for then and I have melba toasts with low fat humous and slices of cucumber on the top - I take them all in to the lounge and put them next to me and I fell like im having loads, im re training my mind!

Also have plenty of low point food in throughout the day to fill you up - don't let yourself get hungry, I find the BNS soup a massive help for me.

Hope i've helped alittle bit.