How can I ease myself into Lipotrim

Hi all, I may be starting Lipotrim soon. I noticed on another thread on this site (Strugglers and Restarters section), there is advice specifically for those on Cambridge to ease themselves gently into Cambridge.
It seems pretty complicated but it makes sense, and apparently stops withdrawal symptoms.
What can I do in the days leading up to Lipotrim.
Pam xx
Hiya Lil,
lovely to hear from you. when do you think you'll be starting?

Low carbing is the way to ease yourself into it, so stick to proteins and low carb veg/ salad stuff...Also drink plenty of water.

have a look here, am guessing this web address think it's hope it works.. It'll give you an idea of what you can/can't have.

It's such an exciting time, to think how much your life will change, by cutting out foods and replacing it with soups and shakes...

Hope that helps a bit :D
Hi Geri, nice to hear from you as well. I am not sure, but will be seeing my Consultant this Thursday. He has had 3 whole weeks to find out more about the benefits of vlcds and Lipotrim in particular. Hopefully he will give me the go ahead, in which case it will be as soon as possible after Thursday. I will modify my diet in the meantime.
Thing is I am confused because I rang my local participating pharmacy, in case my Consultant doesn't want to administer the Lipotrim, then I can get it from the Pharmacy. I rang them to ask if I should get a form signed. The pharmacist said no need, I could still have my diabetic tablets whilst on LT but monitor my blood sugar. I am certain though that all diabetic meds had to be stopped 24 hours before starting LT, so I am investigating that. If the Pharmacist is recommending people still take their diabetic meds whilst on LT their blood sugar will go too low. So got to find out about that.
Anyway, thanks for reply and I will follow low carb from Tuesday.
Pam xx
I was trying to find the post Geri, but can't. What it basically said was something like easing into CD slowly so you don't notice it. Something about starting at 1200 cals with a couple of CDs a day and some food and gradually over 7 days or so getting to sole source. I wondered if I could do that with Lipotrim.
There are lots of ways to do CD.
1 - sole source 3 diet packs a day
2 - 790 3 packs + carefully planned foods (you need to get a copy of the booklet "Weghtcare with Cambridge" or the book "The Cambridge Diet" by Dr Alan N Howard.
3 - 1000 2 packs + carefully planned foods
4 - 1200 2 packs + carefully planned foods
5 - 1500 1 pack + carefully planned foods
You can't just "guess" at the food to add, it has to be specific.
Fingers crossed LiL.

Ann x