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Help - Advice, Thinking of switching fr Lipotrim - Atkins

Hi All!!! I have run into a bit of a stumbling block!!! Went to get weighed this morning (3lb off v happy). But then the pharm said She had had the Lipotrim Auditors in and they have questioned my file. I haven't been always able to manage 3 shakes a day from the get go really but more so in the last few weeks. They have noticed that I haven't been buying a full weeks worth and told the pharm that this could not continue!! They said unless I was taking all 3 shakes a day I would not be getting all my nutrients, and although I know this I still find it v difficult to stomach the 3 in one day. Soooo I don't want to continue buying 21 shakes a week @ £40 just to be stock piling them in the cupboard and I am petrified and I mean PETRIFIED at doing a refeed and putting on weight????
One thing Lipotrim has taught me is a lot about my eating habits. I have never been a person that eats too much as in quantity (so how did I end up at this weight???) I truly believe that it wasn't so much how much I was eating as WHAT I was eating. My difficulty getting 3 shakes in a day has proven what I always suspected and that is that I don't have a big appetite. My BIG problem is that I don't process Sugar well at all and my previous way of eating was extremely Carbohydrate laden - Bread, Potatoes, Root Vegetables, Processed Foods, Pasta, Crisps etc..... I would easily have gone to 3-4 pm in a day before eating anything and from then on it would have been a slice of toast and then dinner and then snack at nightime on crisps or biscuits etc.
Basically I have a decision to make - I can continue on TFR and buy the £40 worth of shakes a week and use whatever I can (good in that I will continue to lose but bad in that I know well I won't take the 3 a day and I will inevitably be nutrient deficient and also I think I am not doing my metabolism any favours slowing it down to this extent in the long run) OR I can go refeed (good as I will still be getting weighed each week to keep me on track but Bad as I will still be eating too many carbs to be low carb friendly which is ultimately the kind of diet I know I need to follow as a lifestyle in the long run if I am to keep off the weight I loose)

Ah I am so confused - could really be doing with some opinions/advice???? I am the most determined I have ever been with regard to losing weight (I have an op coming up and so want to have a much healthier BMI for that - I have 3 wee girls at home who need their Mammy and need her HEALTHY to keep up with their demands - two of my little girls have special needs and in no way do I mean this in a negative way but they do require me to have a lot of energy and as I am often stressed I want to be as physically fit as I can be in order to be able to exercise as a means of stress relief (at this weight exercise is stressful in itself lol)))

So what do you all think??? Any advice, tips etc welcome - You guys have been my ROCK in the last 7 weeks - couldn't have come this far without updating here and checking in here everynight with people who don't mind hearing about my highs and lows!! After all if you're not on a weight loss journey who wants to talk about dieting every night??? LOL
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Go to the exante website. Same idea but considerably cheaper and nobody checking what you eat. Having said that it's easy to run into trouble with major medical side effects if you don't have the three shakes a day - that's a minimum - so treat it as medicine and just get it down you.

I say stick the VLCD properly until you reach your goal weight then come here to maintain. :D
Hi Spinoza - Thank you so much for your reply!!! I kinda wish I had seen it sooner - lol. Went to supermarket last night and stocked up on "real" food - ie fresh meats and lots of green leafy veg! After the day I had yesterday obsessing over what to do I have calmly took a little step back this morn and looked at it objectively. I need to learn how to eat healthily in a way that will be maintained as a lifestyle and if I have to give up my rapid weightloss weekly for slow and steady thats fine. The longer I stayed on Lipotrim the more I found myself slipping into my old bad habits of going all day without anything which although was obv showing great results on the scale it was doing no favours for my metabolism I think and I do realise the importance of nutrient and not getting what I should. I had a look at the Exante website as you advised and although I think it would be easier as the "Bar" options are something I am much more likely to take and get my 3 a day in - their nutritional value is still quite carb high. So - I have decided to give a week (maybe 2) on 2 x Atkins shakes and a v low carb (low cal if I can mange it) eve meal. I am hoping if I do this I will still lose and I am prepared for this to be a little slower but I think the eating aspect will teach me the discipline of small protions of real food. I think I am more likely to sustain this in the long run without the worry of not getting the nutrients I should be.

If I am not happy after 2 weeks with the weightloss (hoping for @4 lb) I will give the exante a go!

Great to get other peoples perspective!!! If anyone else has ANY suggestions I am open to all

Thank you
Hello :)
Just wondering how your getting on its been a few weeks since you started this thread have you stuck with atkins?
I'm currently on exante but thinking about switching to atkins would love to hear how you got on :) x


Mostly plant based
Hello :) Just wondering how your getting on its been a few weeks since you started this thread have you stuck with atkins? I'm currently on exante but thinking about switching to atkins would love to hear how you got on :) x
Just thought I'd reply. I did Exante for 2 weeks and hated it :/ (loved the weight loss, obviously!). I'm now doing 5:2 fasting combined with a low carb / high fat diet (a more relaxed version of Atkins)

It's too early to say how it's going weight loss wise, but I haven't regained tonnes yet, I'm still in ketosis and I'm loving eating! I have so much more energy. Check out my diary if you want more details...link in my signature :)

Good luck whatever you choose to do :)
Hi - Well as an update switching to Atkins was great for me!!! I continued to loose steadily and had over 3 stone off for Christmas - Now the carbs did creep in again over Christmas and I had my birthday & Wedding anniversary in early Jan so all in all I had 10lb on in about 4 weeks but started back again strict atkins last week and I have 5lb off already which I am so happy about!!! I think atkins is the kind of eating that suits my make up - I don't processs carbs well (even though I LOVE them!!) I have always had borderline high blood sugar etc etc. So perhaps thats why I find it relatively easy and get good results looking forward to another 2 stone off for Easter !!! Here's hoping! Good luck and let me know what you decide to do or how you're getting on!
So pleased to hear you found Atkins and are enjoying it! I'm doing lchf (similar to Atkins) and feel the same. (I had even bought myself some Exante shakes to do 5:2, having forgotten how high in carbs they are (I'm very carb-sensitive too). I've parked that idea for now.)

It feels brilliant to be eating such tasty food and getting healthier at the same time!
When on Atkins I try to do at least 3 days a week meat, cheese & eggs ONLY!! I really find it boosts my weight loss and its not too difficult if you get inventive with those eggs!!! I really love a recipe where you whisk 2 tbsps of full fat cream cheese with 3 eggs and a little sweetner - cook as pancakes on the pan and delish!!!!
So - I am so very happy with my first week back on Atkins!!! * whole pounds off!!! I know that will have been mostly water weight from the carb fest this last few weeks but still - I feel great in myself and motivated for a good week ahead!!!!
Good on you Seabre - that's almost all your xmas weight lost in one week! I did exante 4 years ago, and maintained easily for two years on Atkins until carbs ambushed me again. Now back to Atkins to shift 3-4st, and hoping the majority of that is gone by the summer. Also love the food - why did I ever leave??? :)
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Another week and more success - Loving this constant steady weightloss with Atkins!!! Spinoza looks like you are doing well too! You'll be at goal in no time! Its great to be able to see a lifestyle that I can stick too without feeling that I am constantly dieting!!! I'm still very bad at weighing myself too much - I'm on the scales EVERY day!!! And I know its not a good thing as I do fluctuate during the week but I find if its up it makes me determined to git the lower weight of that week and if its down it spurs me on to see if I can get it down further so I suppose its a good thing at the min!! Although it has been my downfall in the past tbut thats mainly due to "staying the same" as I did so often on traditional diets - Nothing worse in my opinion! I want to see results for my efforts!!!! Hope all have a good & positive week x
Yay - xmas gain all lost and more on top - fantastic work Seabre! I STS this week due to an argument with a bottle of wine and a large amount of snacks at the weekend that they won! Back clean and green ever since and hoping for that elusive first stone next Monday. Loving the food and have started some walking/jogging again after a long lapse - are you doing much yet? Useless for losing weight but brilliant for keeping it off I find! :)

I might go a couple of your meat/cheese/egg days this week - will be gutted if I don't lose that pound and sometimes I know I overdo the veg for what's supposed to be induction!

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