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  1. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Hi I am new to this site, and have just got back from the chemist with my lipotrim which
    I plan to start tomorrow! I'm feeling very excited to start it, tho I'm under no illusions how tough this diet is, there's no doubt I'm gonna need a lot of will power. I am gonna use this site as my daily diary, for myself to look back through to keep me going and hopefully others will reply for support.

    Why am I doing this? Well.... I'm going to be 30 in July, which I'm not looking forward to, tho I can't do anything about my age, I can do something to change my appearance and health. I was quite an active child and teenager, but during my late teens I gained weight and have wasted my whole 20's yoyo dieting, and not being physically active. I like this diet as it's fast, I don't want to waste any more time being unhappy. My 20's may have been miserable but I'm not going to allow my 30's to go down the same road.

    As you will see (read) I am quite an open person, tho I'm not a very sociable person, I have turned into a hermit. I have had anxiety and depression for many years and this year it all became to much, I have been signed off with depression since middle of Jan, and I handed in my notice, which ended 5th March, so I am officially unemployed! Scary! I'm using this time to "sort myself out", I was a carer, but I couldn't care for myself let alone anyone else. I'm starting to feel better with the aid of medication, and while my medication does it's thing, I want to work on my appearance.

    I haven't told many people I'm starting this diet and I have told my husband that I don't want to go to any social events for the time being as I want to be strict and focused on this diet and don't want any pressure of deadlines like, "I have a party to go to and I want to be this weight by this time", as for me it never works, I end up failing and being heavier!

    Another reason to lose weight and my main motivation to do this is, I have had 3 early miscarriages in 2011-12, which has been pretty tough to deal with, we began trying again dec 2012 and have been trying for over a year now and to this day we have failed to conceive, the previous times we conceived in 4-5months. The only difference is my weight, I'm at least stone heavier. So for now We have to put the "baby dancing" on hold so I can just focus on losing weight.

    My aim.... I really want to get my BMI back to the healthy range, so I need to be 150lbs, ATM I'm 196lbs, so 46lbs to lose, with the help of Lipotrim, I can do it!

    I only hope when my will is failing and I look back at this, it's enough to spur me on!

    Good luck with your Lipotrim Journeys, any advice from other users will be greatly received! Xx
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  3. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Wk 1
    Day 1

    10am-12pm- 1,500ml water- Done
    12:30- Vanilla Shake- Done (not that keen, tastes quite salty- need to add sweetener next time, kept some back to add to my tea)
    13:00- 16:00- 1,500ml water & decaf tea- Done
    16:30- chicken soup and decaf tea- Done (not as bad as I was expecting, needed more water than was recommended)
    17:00-19:00- 1,000 water & decaf tea- Done
    20:00- Chocolate Shake & 500ml water- Done (tried doing the pudding, again quite salty, added tablet sweetener to it but still didn't like it, so added hot water to make the hot chocolate, which was just as nasty! Yuck)

    Can't believe I've made it through day 1! Feeling proud!! I've been hungry at times, but it's not unbearable...haven't had the hunger shakes....yet.....
    Had a bad headache since the early afternoon, could be down to no caffeine tho.
    Had 4.5 litres water plus extra for tea. Should try black tea.
    Really didn't think much of the chocolate shake, surprisingly, I love all things chocolate! The soup was my fav out of the three I tried today. Need to get back to the chemist and swop some the chocolate shakes, should try strawberry, not a big fan of strawberry flavoured stuff, but could be ok.
    Feeling a little sad that I can't eat proper food for months!.....but must remember a few months of this is better than spending the rest of my life being unhappy!!

    Roll on Day 2!!!
  4. Marzz

    Marzz Member

    Best of luck you can do it and you will be rewarded
  5. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Thank you Marzz! :)
  6. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Welcome :)
    Well done for getting through day 1, hopefully you'll enjoy some of the other shakes more! Strange though, the chocolate one were my favourite I didn't have anything else but!
    Lipotrim is hard but as you said, so worth it!
    I've lost three stone so far and feel amazing, the time flew by as well!
    I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to reading your progress x
  7. Natasha May

    Natasha May Member

    Hiya how you getting on? I'm on my 2nd day I feeling it a lol I'm starving lol drinking plenty of water tho.

    What time do u have your shakes? Do u have to have them the same time everyday?

    And are you doing any exercise ? At my chemist he told me not to do any in my 1st week then the other guy was like u must do exercise so I'm slightly confused.

    Sorry for the questions x
  8. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Abbz- thank you! I read through some of ure posts, and your success was what inspired me to try it, I hadn't heard of it till I read your posts! you have done so great!
    Yeah we all have different tastes. I love chocolate but couldn't stand the LT shakes, I've just got back from the chemist and swopped all the chocolate for soups. I got some strawberry to try. But from now on I'll have 2 soups a day and either strawberry or vanilla for breakfast. I only hope I don't get bored of it too quickly!! I'm treating this whole shake/soup diet as 'medication', "I've got no choice but to take my medication", that seems to help me so far. I do have a question for u chemist didn't make much sense...after we have completed LT do we have a week on refeed and then go on to maintenance or is refeed and maintenance the same thing?
    Keep up the great work, ure inspiring a lot of people! Xx

    Natasha- I'm doing ok today, I haven't had the bad headache as yet... But today seems easier than yesterday. I think all the water helps. I'm a bit confused with the water intake tho... The man on the DVD said to drink 3-4 litres of water or 8 pints, 8 pints is 4.5litres and we can drink as much tea and coffee (which is extra water) but he said not to exceed that amount. I drink over 4.5 litres to get me through each day. I think it's so we don't flush out the nutrients from the shakes/ chemist said I can drink as much as I want, no limit, so I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing. How much water do u have?
    I do try to have them at set times. As I don't work ATM I'm not waking up till 9:30-10am so I aim to have 3x 500ml bottles of water first, then my first shake at 12, then another 3x 500ml bottles water then my next shake/soup which is usually about 4-4:30pm then 2x 500ml bottles & my last shake/soup then the last 500ml bottle water. I'm on tablets which have a high sedative in them so I'm falling to sleep about 9:30ish which to be honest is good, the earlier I sleep the better.
    I'm not doing exercise...not a big fan.... But my chemist told me you shouldn't do it for the first couple of weeks, and you should lose 14lbs a month regardless of exercise.... Which is great news for me!! My mum told me While I was signing up for this at the chemist, a guy came in that had recently started LT, he went to a sauna and nearly passed out, so I'd agree with them wait a week or 2 and see how u feel, I've read that people get a lot of energy after ketosis kicks in, so only do wat u think, don't over do it or u cud pass out, our bodies are on a low calorie intake, it could be dangerous. Wat sort of exercise where u thinking? Hopefully ketosis shud of kicked in by Sunday, and u should be less hungry. Good luck and Keep me posted on ure journey! Xx
  9. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Wk 1
    Day 2

    10:00-12: 1,500ml water & tea- Done
    12:30: chocolate shake- Done (yuck!)
    1-4:30: 1,500ml water- Done
    5pm: soup: Done
    5:30-7pm: 1,000ml water- Done
    7pm: soup: Done
    7:30-8:30: 500ml water- Done

    So day 2 is complete! I've not been as hungry today... tho this evening my thoughts of food have been weakening my will power... thankfully I didn't cave to them. I kept thinking why am I doing this diet!! If I can do this type of diet surly I can cope with slim fast or slimming world! Eat something!! Needed to remind myself I'm doing this diet as I HAVE tried most diets and FAILED, plus this diet has much faster results!! Keep it together girlie!!!

    Bit worried about my 1st weekend on LT, having my hubby home all day, eating wat he wants will be tough, he's said he won't eat In front of me, but I'll know wat he's doing!! During the week is fine, I have a relaxing bath while he has dinner but I can't do that for every meal he has, I'll look like a prune!

    I also may have to stop watching tv, adverts for food are doing my head in, especially the asda advert with the gorgeous roast pork! I'm sure in a week or 2 I'll be drooling over it!! Better get back into reading instead!

    Many a time today I've found myself thinking wat food I'm going to eat once I'm off this diet..potatoes...egg fried! Firstly its Way to early to be thinking like that!! And secondly that's not the right attitude..wats the point in doing this diet if I'm just going to eat unhealthily again after!!! Its not that I'm even that hungry, its just greed!!

    I need to keep my will power on the right track!!

    Bring it on day 3!
  10. Marzz

    Marzz Member

    You can do it .... I can't take the chocolate shake either
    I had my vanilla or strawberry shake in morning and had soup for lunch and dinner
    found that worked much better for me for my first 2 weeks
    it's cooking for family that's the hardest especially food that I love
  11. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Marzz- Yeah I can understand that must be difficult, cooking the food but not eating it. U must have great determination!
    I have to keep away from the kitchen, only go in the fridge for my water.
    for me having the soup feels more like a meal where as shakes is a drink, plus its easier for me to stomach. I really hope the I like the strawberry, I'll try it tomorrow.
  12. Marzz

    Marzz Member

    Use very cold water to mix it and I find using a little extra water to mix the cold shakes makes them easier to drink when there not so thick ... Approx 3/4 of a pint mixed
  13. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Ok that's great thanks, will try that tomorrow!
  14. Marzz

    Marzz Member

    Just be careful not to go over 4 litres a day that includes your tea and coffee
    I fill a 2 litre of water and take from that and also have 2 litres of sparkling water a day
    I spoke to a lipotrim pharmacist and he told me not to go over 4 litres ( as I was drinking more than 4 litres )
    you don't need to count the water you use in your shakes ;)
  15. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Oh wow thank you :) That's good that you can swap them, I never even tried the soup haha! Yeah medication is a good way of looking at it, that's how I saw it too x
    Refeed and Maintenance are different things, the refeed week is what you have to do after Lipotrim to reintroduce food in a controlled way that will make sure you don't put too much weight back on.
    Lipotrim Maintenance is optional, you don't have to go on it after you've lost weight (I haven't!) but it's a good way to stay in control of your calorie intake; you swap one meal a day for Lipotrim Maintenance shakes. So more info here: Welcome to the Lipotrim Website
    Thank you very much, I'm glad that I'm inspiring people I didn't even realise that many people had read my diary!
    Best of luck xxx
  16. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Thanks Abbz, I thought they were different, wen I asked my chemist he just said about the maintenance, so I need to make sure I'm given the correct info wen the time comes! I think after Refeed I'll join slimming world to lose the rest.

    I can't wait for this first week to be over and see wat I've lost! So far I've stuck to it 100%, but the medication I am on causes weight gain and my chemist doesn't know whether its through eating more or water retention. So I'm hoping its not through water retention!
    Does it matter wat time of day u go to get weighed at the chemist?
    I joined Wednesday 10am ish, started LT Thursday. When should I be getting weighed in wed or thurs? I have a hospital appointment nxt wed 9:30 so I can't go for weigh in till nxt thurs 10am.

    You should be very proud of ure self, not only have u lost weight for ureself, u've helped others too! And I'm very thankful!! Xx
  17. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    I hear Slimming World is good, good luck with whatever you choose to do!
    Oh really? I'm going on the pill soon and I'm so scared that I'll put on weight or that it will be harder to lose it :(
    I always went in the morning before I'd had any shakes so that I was at my lightest (clearly you tend to weigh more in the evenings as you're full of shakes and water!)
    But I suppose it doesn't matter that much :)
    Either wednesday or thursday works, whatever is convenient for you!
    Well, you're welcome :D xx
  18. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    I can't offer any advice with the pill, I've never had it! My meds are for depression, I take 2types and its only one of them that may cause weight gain, so I'll come off it, if need be but I read about it online wen I got it, lots of people complained about weight gain, but I think it increases appetite. Have a look online at types of the pill/side effects etc or ask on here wat types people are on.

    Yeah I think I'll do the same Thursday get up and go straight to the chemist, not drink anything. My scales are different from my chemist so decided to ignore mine and just go by there's. Xx
  19. Marzz

    Marzz Member

    I would go on Thursday as then u will have completed 7 days on it
    I go early before I take my first shake
    best of luck ;)
  20. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    Wk 1
    Day 3

    10am-1pm: 1,500ml water- Done
    1pm: strawberry shake- Done (not that bad actually, smells worse than it tastes!)
    1:30-4: 1,500ml water- Done
    5pm: soup- Done
    5:30-7pm: 1,000ml water- Done
    7pm: soup- Done

    Im not feeling as hopeful as I have been! Tonight has been really hard to get through. I should be proud that I've done it tho, but I just feel sad.
    I just want to sleep now so its over with, then its another day :(
    It's not like I'm overly hungry, I can smell the food my hubby has cooked, the adverts on TV with food have been getting to me!
    I really want to stick it out for at least a month, but the way i feel tonight i can't imagine doing 2wks of this! I know I'd kick myself if I broke it now!
    I hope it gets easier soon...wen do the cravings pass?
  21. Ham.dove

    Ham.dove Member

    I failed!!! Day 3!! I've just eaten toast!! I can't do this diet, I've got too eat! I'm going to finish my slim fast then try slimming world, I've learnt a lot in the last few days! I'm not going to beat myself up about it tho, I have to keep trying and not give up completely. Thanks for all ure help and support on here, Abbz, Marzz, Natasha, I wish u all the best of luck and will keep checking on u to see how ure doing! Xx

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