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How can I eat and drink on holiday without ruining my hard work?


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Good question - here's what worked for me: First off, you have paid all inclusive for this holiday so I would take advantage of this without going overboard. If I denied myself all food while away and stuck to CD I think it would backfire on me and I would feel deprived which would lead to blowing it all.
Try to have a good breakfast and evening meal and maybe have fruit and salad for lunch.
Drink plenty of water
take a walk/swim/use the gym during the day
don't go overboard on the booze or icecream/snacks
I had 2 weeks half board recently and had a low carb, protein based breakfast, fruit during the day and a good evening meal (no bread, plenty of salad) We did have a good meal out at a Chinese during the holiday and when I came back I had gained 4lb. I'm cutting down to 1200 cals for a week and expect this to be gone.
Have a great time
i think the main thing is getting back on when you get back no matter what happened on holiday.
i did it twice last year, lost weight, went away, didnt go back on diet.
the second time i decided to do it, i left it till quite close to going to egypt and was annoyed with myself, as if id have carried on after my first holiday id have felt a lot better.
then when i got back, i didnt carry it on, made a couple of half hearted attempts 'oh i'll wait till ive been out' or 'i'll have this meal then do it' etc, then didnt bother. ive managed to put ALL of what i lost last year back on.
so yeah, my point is...get back on it as soon as you come back no ifs or buts.


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Enjoy spain..be merry & enjoy yourself!

CD will be here on day 6 when you get back

I personally never did CD on my breaks away and just lost any extra gain immediately as soon as was back on CD.

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I'm going on an all-inclusive holiday this July too, and dreading putting all of the weight back on (as this was my undoing last year!) In an attempt to prevent this, and keep my head in weight-loss mode whilst still enjoying the 'free' food and champagne I've written down some 'aims' for my holiday.
For instance I aim to:
-use the gym facilities and pool every day,
- drink more water (as fruit juice is awful for empty calories and is what I lived off last year!)
- Keep an eye on portion control in the buffet
- keep an eye on carb intake
- don't eat just because I can, but because I'm hungry
- ensure that half my plate at dinner is salad/veg
And most importantly, organise a meeting with my CDC for as *soon* as I get back, rather than thinking 'just one last x,y and z'. The hotel also has some scales so I'll be able to keep an eye on the damage rather than being in denial and then too scared to step on the scales after a fortnight away. I still think it's important to relax and enjoy ones self, I'm just hoping this helps with damage limitation. It's also important to keep in mind that with the great weight losses on Cambridge any weight that you do put on can be lost again in a week or two, tops so long as you get right back into it.
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Some good tips there, Kkimi88. I am off on a Nile cruise 2 weeks from today, so will be tied to the boat for all my food and drink. I think I will nick your tips and print them off to take with me.

We get back on the 5th May and I've already booked an appointment with my CDC for 6th so I'm ok on that score, and from what I've heard from numerous people the stomach bug that is 100% on these trips should help to keep the lbs off!!


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Thank you for all the tips. Thhink my plan will be -
*Only drink alcohol of a night
*Have no bread, pasta and avoid carbs completley
*Walk along the beach once a day
*50 length in the pool each day
*Get back on CD the day i get back


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I went back to the UK last week (I live in Germany) and we were staying in hotels, living out of suitcases. I fully intended to stick to the plan, took my tetras and bars with me, but after two and a half days I caved in and decided to have a few sensible meals. It was so anti social and depressing sitting in a hotel room on my own whilst my hubby and son went to breakfast and evening meal in the attached restaurant. I tried where possible to stick to no carbs, but did have a couple of sandwiches. I read the label on everything possible and made sure I chose wisely. I also stuck to water as much as possible with a couple of diet cokes thrown in. In 5 days I gained 1lb which I was stunned by really. I had expected around 4-5lbs.

As the other posters have said, if you make wise choices and are realistic it will be fine. I had breakfast yesterday and then a sandwich (low fat/cal of course!) for lunch and then didnt get an evening meal due to getting horrendously caught up in traffic driving back, today I slipped straight back into 100% CD mode. As I was unpacking all of the goodies I got in Tesco/Asda (mostly treats for my son) a teeny tiny voice suggested I waited one more day before starting back, but I refused to listen to it because I know I can do it :)

Have a brilliant holiday and CD will be waiting for you when you get back x


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Try and stick to low carb choices, don't restrict yourself to the point you are miserable, its a holiday, its likely that if you put anything on (theres only so much you can gain in such a short time anyway) it'll come straight back off once you're on plan again! I know this is the case for me, and I always have a brill loss after a holiday (usually what Ive put on plus a few extra lbs!) so don't worry and enjoy yourself! It might add an extra week or 2 to your journey to slimdon but you will get there!!! xx


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Thank you for all your emails and help...But my holiday has just been cancelled, bl**dy ash!!!


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We are trying for the following week but ryan air or our travel agent aren't taking calls because they are so busy (figure that out!!)

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