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How can i lose weight faster pl?


has started again!!
I am getting so fed up with this diet, but I know I need to run the course,as it were!

Any idea how to speed up my losses? I use my LTT regularly, try to swim at least once a week, work in a class of 26 6year olds full time, and try to keep the kids, OH and the house clean, tidy and fed!!

I just dont want to lose the plot and want to give myself every chance of getting rid of the fat FAST!!!
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The Diet Guy
Water, Water and then some Water (with Water) and then wash it down with some Water.


has started again!!
Water, Water and then some Water (with Water) and then wash it down with some Water.

Think I've got it.........water and a bit more water.....ok!

Just popping off to have a drink. Must be at least 2 minutes since my last one!!! LOL:party0027::party0027::party0027::party0027::party0027::party0027::party0027::party0027::party0027::party0027:


has started again!!
Actually, I am ok with drinking more water, but find it hard to space out evenly over the day. I work in a school, and although my teacher is ok with me drinking from a bottle quite often, its pretty hard to help the children and drink loads at the same time! I do try to glug 5 litres a day, but if its mostly after I get home, I dont sleep so well, if you get me!!

I WILL keep trying tho, as the week I know I managed over 5l a day, I did lose almost 6lbs, and that was well into the diet!


The Diet Guy
5 litres is absolutely magic ! Never go above 8 litres (my GP advised 12 litres could be dangerous so never go above and then you'll be fine).

I always recommend 4 litres for girls and 6 litres for boys if you can manage it so you get a quick trip to slimdom!



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Interesting thread - does anyone know why drinking more water makes you lose more? I sometimes struggle with my 4 litres a day especially if I am in the car for a long time!

Johnny :D


has started again!!
Hi Johnny,

Actually my LLC did say it was something to do with liver function?? (although I didnt take it on board at the time, it seems from these replies that she is right!!)
My councillor said that the extra water helps flush away the fat stores. Have to say this last fortnight I have drunk 6 litres a day and have lost 5 lb each week.
Ll told me not more than 5.5 lit a day for women - max. Apparently it helps flush the toxins out which is why losses can be sluggish when you dont drink enough...HTH but having said that be realistic! It will take time to come off & you need to remember than putting on muscle is better than fat as its working while you are at rest but weighs heavier & retains more water than fat! How about having regular body compsition tests at the gym for a boost - shows you what % body fat, muscle, water etc you have! Great for those weeks when losses not as much as you want but looks to me like you're doing really well!!!!
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Great advice ! just keep 'the more you drink the more you shrink' motto in the brain I find it really helps when I feel like stopping when I hit the 4 lites mark, but just Keep going and try to space it out more through the day, coz running to the loo all night no fun is it? You must be knackered!

American by any chance Icemoose?


Gone fishing
Hi Johnny,

Actually my LLC did say it was something to do with liver function?? (although I didnt take it on board at the time, it seems from these replies that she is right!!)
The livers job is to metabolise fat, but it also takes up any jobs that the kidney's fail to do.

If the kidneys don't get enough water, they don't work at full capacity, so the liver takes over instead of metabolising that fat.
:confused: A friend of mine told me it was dangerous to drink too much as it washes out electrolytes whatever they are! Anyone know about this? I daresay it would have to be a huge amount, but it would be nice to know the basis of this all the same?
Hi Sez

You could try making your soups with green tea as it is supposed to speed up your metabolism ? I did it and it did seem to speed the weight loss up - also I drank 6 litres withut fail every day and lost 4 stone in 13 weeks.
I hate to sound repetitive, but yeh "the more you drink, the more you shrink".

I am a tall guy, and managed about 7+ litres a day... and have always had average loss so far of 6.8lbs a week!

I am a guy remember, and men do lose faster than women, but I think it certainly is the water making a difference too.

Stick to the plan, and I always had my packs evenly through the day and never late at night, with a bar no later than 5pm.... who knows whether that helped but always worth mentioning :)

Good Luck and remember, if you stick to it, this diet CANNOT fail!!! :D:D:D


has started again!!
Thanks everyone, once again!! Am guzzling water, and trying to space the packs out too, as tended to have a bar a lunch time, then the 3 remaining ones in the evening.

Cheers chaps! :)

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