how can it be?

On day four and just looking back on my food diary... not sure how it is possible to loose weight and eat so much food... i'm eating plenty of free and super free but it seems wrong!!! so much food!!!! I guess the scales will let me know if it works or not lol!!!
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Thats why I love sw u dont feel as if your on a diet :) have faith :)


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Are you doing extra easy? My first proper day on it is today and it seems a bit too good to be true doesnt it? The leader at my group said she'd lost 3 1/2 on it before though?
She mentioned just kind of watching portion control, e.g just because the slimming world chips are free, doesnt mean you can eat a whole bag of potatos? I'll see how it goes next week to i guess!
Just doing green and red at moment while i try get my head around all this. A member of the group i joined on monday said she did the week on EE and she lost 4 1/2 so i guesse it does work. you just seem to be able to eat so much on SW. And as for portion controll they said that it does not matter how much you have on your plate or how big your plate is, as long as it is plit in to 1/3 portions... but like i say i'm not sure about any of this yey lol!!


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wow ok I guess i'll just stick to it! good luck!


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EE works. It's brilliant!
I am at target and still managed to lose 2.5 pounds this week even though I had upped my syns and HEXs. Just sticking to the plan works.

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i have all green days (im not a meat eater so it suits me) and so far i have lost 4stones 6.5lbs hey i know i still have a long way to go :)
and like you i cant beleive how much food we can eat, im finding it hard now though to eat as much,
good luck with your wi what day do you weigh? come and tell us how you did
I get weighed on monday, so will let you know if all this munching has paid off. you are all an insperation and all seem to be doing so well with your weigh loss... so it must work.


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My friend lost 6.5 stone on SW and someone was saying in my group the other day that one of her clients, who is in her 60's, lost 10 stone in a year. It's doable. Deffinitely.