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How did you feel on your first day ?

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hi all today has been a weird day i had the porridge for breakfast then the banana shake at lunch i went shopping with my mum step dad and daughter and while they went to the cafe i sat in the car and had my shake.i found my self around food every were i turned food food food but i have stayed stong i walked for about 5 hours came home had the thai chilli soup that was AMAZING i do feel abit hungry and i am feeling abit sorry for myself i must say im in that why me mode but i only have to come on here and i see clearly again. hot chocolate tonight then bed i think. how did you all feel on your first day ?

take care love sam x x x
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Hi there.

My first day was long. I work as a nanny so I have to cook for the children and it's the worst. But hey, we'll get there...


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Hi Sam

I know what you mean about feeling sorry for yourself but it does pass because LL becomes your way of life for the time being.

I think I was fortunate, I didn't have headaches in my first few days. I did feel hunger but it was over ridden by excitement - it was actually happening!

The hunger pangs will also pass in a a few days!

I think it is good to be around food and not try and avoid it - in that sense I carry on as normal. I still cook for my partner every night and I really enjoying it, especially all the smells! I go out for dinner (just drinking sparking water), I go to BBQ's and socialise whenever I can. I am learning that I can enjoy myself and life without food and alcohol!

Good luck on your journey! It will be dropping off before you know it!

Kat xx
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First day, both times, enlightened, energised, positive, eager, ready.

This is such a short slice of time the sooner it was accepted and got on with the sooner I would be me again. And I am.

I'm not saying it's always easy but you have to turn it around, give yourself a talking to and get on with it. Pat yourself on the back too. You have great will power to join the program to start with, there are thousands out there who haven't got the bottle!! You're already one step ahead.

Well done on coming to the close of day one. Tomorrow is a new day. Onwards and downwards.


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I found my first day ok.
I remember having to get used to going to the loo a lot which was annoying but even that gets better after a while.
I found 3rd and 4th day the worst though (sorry i don't mean to scare you hun ;))
I had a headache, was VERY irritable and tired. After first 4 days pass, it all gets sooo much better.
As far as feeling sorry for yourself and being around food. Yes it is hard at first but like Kat said, LL soon becomes a way of life and you simply just go with the flow. Soon being around food would be much of a deal as you'll be in THE zone :D
Here's to that day coming soon for you hun! :)


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i felt great my first day - soooo excited!
the first shake i made was gross tho - hot vanilla and coffee really lumpy.
the second at lunch was awful too - lumpy chocolate!

i didn't care tho

and i learnt how to make the shakes with ice and a blender!

daisy x
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thanks ladies for your input i must admit i really enjoyed cooking my husbands dinner tonight i was not even tempted to eat any the smell was enough to satisfy me how weird is that and i noticed i only made a small portion for him were has i would fill his plate to spilling over any other time he dosent get in till very very late at night and i would eat a dinner at 5pm with my girl then another dinner or snack at 11:30 when he came in looking back the saying you are what you eat is so true for me i ate stogey rubbish full of fat and thats why i felt so crap all the time also iv wanted to do loads today walk more do more house work iv felt great apart from having bad headaches but thats not the plan iv been getting bad headaches for 3 weeks now everyday i did how ever have lots of cramp in my foot but apart from that i think im so excited by the plan its out weighing the bad things you suffer in the beginning. Again thanks for all your on going support it make a difference to me and how i cope x x x love sam x x x


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Hi Sam,

Glad you had a good day...keep up the positive attitude and you will sail through.

I was hungry the first few days and obsessed over food, but that soon passed and now I hardly give it a thought.

Good luck.
S: 17st9lb C: 15st6lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st3lb(12.55%)
Thanks morticia

i cant wait to have that feeling that foods not at the forefront off my mind.
got to be a bit careful today as i am having a day in with my little girl who is 4 as its not a nice day out and thats when i want to eat all the time but i HAVE A PLAN lol i have had my porridge and i did make a chocolate muffin as i really needed some think to chew had that with a nice could glass of st clements and i feel satisfied now.My plan is to have some time online while she watches sleeping beauty then we are going to set up the table and do some painting and arts and crafts then a nice bubble bath lol WHATS HAPPING TO ME IV NEVER BEEN SO INCONTROL AND PLANED IN MY LIFE.

have a great weekend every one love x x x the new INCONTROL SAM X X X

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