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How did you find your exercising Mojo


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Hey Guys,

I'm really struggling to start the exercising, I've been a big exerciser before but never found the right balance between diet and exercise.

I've got a horrible chest infection and a cold at the moment, so probably not best for me to do much exercise at the moment till it clears up - but once it's cleared up I want to get started again.

What motivates you to get your arse moving? As even before the infection I wasn't motivated to get on the cross-trainer!
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lol i found it hard at the start. I like to brisk walk for 45 mins or go on my dance mat (on my xbox360) for one hour and do some fast songs to get those calories burnt off. im also going to start swimming 3 times a week and go to the gym (got my induction nxt wk) . what motivated me was my dissopointing weight loss last month . i was hoping for a 14 pound loss but only ending up getting in total a 9 pound loss. so i knew this month i had to start getting my arse moving and working harder. even tho i know a 9 pound loss is good i guess i wanted more . xx


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I wish I could find mine!!!!! I'm trying very hard cos I know the weight loss is gonna slow down & I need to exercise to boost it but really struggling & twisted my knee on the stairs at work today - ouch!!!


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exercise that's the question!
anything you do outa the ordinary could be classed as exercise!!
so don't beat your self up!.. I'd be the first to admit I'm a lazy bugger!.. but do go through spells of effort, using me bike for the local shop and walking up the school in stead of driving! ... but as for sweat ya pecker off exercise "yea righty ho".. :0/
you will soon realise that this is your journey and it needs to suit you only!.... your going to be in this for many weeks and it's bloody tough enough without trying to find ways to make it harder!... x


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I love salsa dancing! But now married with kids.. No more salsa dancing for me-except when cleaning my house and tormenting my kids lol..

So when I found a Zumba class near me I gave it a try! Love it!! So I push myself to get kids in bed and asleep by 7:30 so that I can rush off to my class which starts at 8pm finish 9pm home by 9:30 my class has loads of women of all sizes, and the instructor has a Zumba gold level which means she knows how to do zumba fitness for older people, and over weight people, she does low impact Zumba which keeps your heart rate steady, which means you perspire and but don't sweat buckets lol I have been to a high impact Zumba class and I sweated and sweated I looked like a bright pink sweaty mess! Ok yes I was also wearing a pink t-shirt..

So if you can't exercise in the day, try the evening classes! I like to think of it as a me time.. No kids, no OH... Just me having a laugh enjoying myself exercising :)


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Well said sammy :)
If you're not used to exercising you start off slowly doing small things like walking up and down stairs, parking the car further away in the supermarket carpark. And build up from there. The more energetic you feel the more you want to do and it's more likely to be a change for life and be sustainable.
So don't worry if you've not got the motivation for an energetic class, start small and go from that :)

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For me it was finding something I enjoyed I'm not a big fan of the gym I get bored and don't really push myself so I started going to classes and I go to different ones I tend to mix things up and then I don't get bored!

And whilst I'm exercising I think of the numbers on the scales my start weight current and goal that certainly keeps me going lol xx