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How difficult is it?

Hi mel,
if you have your mind set on doing cd then you are half way their.
i have been on cd ss for 71 days now and it was going fine till i had a break at christmas oh how i wish i had not stopped it really hard to get back into it again i think i have managed it now:). i hope you do well good luck
maria x x


Optifast Girl!
The main key is to get a mind set that you will do CD sole source 100% if that is the plan you choose. If you get it in your head that you will eat NO food except where prescribed by the program and make it through the first few weeks, come what may, you will be golden. I will not sugar coat it, it is difficult especially in the beginning so think about committing to doing 100%. If you read around on the forum you will find that those who eat NO food do the best and lose the fastest on SS. You may be tempted in the beginning to add bits of food here or there but this becomes a slippery slope. Some don't mind taking longer to complete their journey but it seems some who pick, nibble have a much harder getting to that point you can get to which is no hunger, lots of energy and rapid weight loss. The choice is yours as to how you decide to handle your journey but please know if you follow the plan you choose strictly, then you WILL lose weight no question quickly and effectively. I wish you much luck and hope you decide to begin a journey of your own. It can be quite exciting.


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Hi, the first time I did CD I was 100% until I lost my weight. Yes, it was difficult, yes, I cried becasue I WANTED food so much, but I was determined to lose it - and I did. The second time around isn't so easy. I am struggling to say the least. So, while you have the mind set to do it - go for it. You will find it difficult the first week, and you will have difficult periods when you want to eat but if you have the determination and the willpower you will do it. Good luck.


Trying very hard!
It is sort of as hard as you make it if that makes sence!
Once your in to it it becomes just the way it is and is a lot easier, the first week or so is hard and you have all the feelings of 'oh I'll just to slimming world' but if you stick to it the rewards far out weigh any difficulty x
I was surprised how easy it was. I really haven't been hungry. That's not to say I don't want to eat food. We don't always eat just because we are hungry do we ? Other than a headache on about day 3, I have to say I haven't felt ill or sluggish maybe a bit cold the first few days but that really is it. I'm on day 17. I like the fact that food is taken out of the equation altogether, it suits me. If you eat you cheat, its as simple as that so no kidding yourself that "this bit won't matter". Don't make the same mistake I made, I put five pounds on between making the appointment to see the CDC and starting ! I ate everything in sight which was silly really and just meant that the first few days loss just got me to square one ! Good luck, you can do it. Bob on here for loads of support and ideas.

Ok, So I started last Friday, I have my first weigh in tonight on SS.. I'm quite nervous..

I've been doing really well this week and now I feel absolutly great! But the beginning of the week.. especially the weekend was horrendous, I'm not going to lie.. I wanted to eat everything in sight, but I helped myself along by sticking a picture of these skinny jeans I desperatly want up next my mirror! It really really helps!!!! Honestly.. I pulled through this weekend, thinking of pizza and all the crap I usually eat.. but got through it, and I feel so much healthier I did 1 week ago!!!!

I was a bit aprehensive about joining this forum, but in the evening when I'm thinking about food and my OH is watching TV eating bread and things that I cannot have.. I found this place to be not only inspiring to hear other peoples stories, but also extremly helpful as I thought it was just me having dreams about eating pizza etc.. but no lots of people on here do too!!! :)

Get in to the zone as it were.. look to the future and you'll get to your goal.. keep strong and think WILLPOWER!!!!!

Good luck with your weigh-in tonight and well done for completing the first week and resisting temptation. I am on day 16 and really into the "Zone" now! I have loads of dreams about food too..... Well done xx

Serena A

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Some great advice from everyone here, it's never "easy" but that doesn't mean it has to be really hard either!

As others have said approach CD with the mentality that you will NOT be eating for the next however long. Don't keep low-carb bits in the house for "emergencies" when you "need" to pick otherwise it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep focussed and the weight will fly off you which will be all you need to stay motivated.

Good luck xx
Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm ready to start it now! Well Done to eveyone who lost weight, keep up the good work

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