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How do i get back on track


wants to be slim
Hi Everyone,

For the past week ive been picking at food at night - even tho i know i shouldn't do it - but once i pick at something then i can't stop and it always happens at teatime.

Each morning i say to myself it won't happen and i am good all day until i get home from work and get tea ready - i just can't resist having a nibble.. i don't sit down and eat a plate of food or owt but just pick at what i'm making.

I am moving onto the cambridge diet next Friday so i will be having a 200 calorie meal at night (which will help) but i would like to be able to swap from this diet onto cambridge still in ketosis to make it easier for me to swap.

Appreciate any help/advise anyone can give me to help me get over this 'bad patch'.

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I had this problem for about 2 weeks before I finally managed to get back on TFR. I would have my 2 shakes with no problem, then I would get to the evening and think I'm doing ok so I'll have a meal (2 shakes and a meal). I'd have the very healthy meal and then that's when the problem would begin. I would have a yogurt then that would lead to something else then something else until I felt sick.
I'd wake up the next morning back to square one and I was gaining weight.

Now I've bit the bullet and am taking this time on TFR to think about my refeed and my life around 'picking'. I'm not a big eater, just a picker.


wants to be slim
Hi Sian, Glad its not only me then....
Well I had 2 wks of messing around tho with2 shakes and 1 protien and no carbs meal,had 1 kit kat then decided i had to sort it out as I'd put 2lb on as well as it being my TOTM, I had a chip sandwich and then started back 100% I'm on day 6 at 100% so it is possible I so am missing eating tho. I know it is not really an example hoow to get back on but it shows it can be done, all the very best!!
There's a few of us in this boat! I've managed about 95% total this week - having stuck to it really well from last Thursday to yesterday-then gave in - again!! However, I lost 5 pounds last week so feel motivated to stick closer this week. There isn't any real 'cure' - 'cept to drink regularly throughout the day and be really strict with yourself! Here's to a better week for us all.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Seems like a lot of you are struggling to stick to the TFR. My opinion for what it's worth is that we are so used, as overeaters, to picking and grazing all the time. This is the very habit that we need TFR to help us break. Yes the evening time is lethal either through boredom, prepping family meals, sitting on front of the tv or whatever. In the early days of my TFR life, I so often felt tempted but I began a habit of keeping bottles of water everywhere around the house, put a picture of a huge fattie on the fridge door, and always asked myself"Do I really want to eat right now???" This worked for me and I then reached for one of my many water bottles. Fact: 80% of the time we feel hungry, it is our body's way of looking for WATER. So give it some is my motto!!!!!
Keep strong folks, you can do it, you must do it!!!

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