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How do I make a vanilla Latte? Coffee rationinhg?

As I have spent hours pouring over this forum, I know lots of you have a vanilla Latte in the morning. Do I froth a vanilla pack as if making a milkshake and then add hot coffee?

Day 2 thoughts
Our LLC said we should not have more than 2 coffee/tea a day and thia is proving a problem to me this morning. I have hust made some fresh coffee and was planning on having a Vanilla latte around 10.30 or when I have worked out how to make it! That makes 2 coffees and the thought that I can't have another one for the rest of the day is daunting. Starnge that I am fixating on coffee rather than food. Bizarre thing the mind...

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For a quick latte I add 1tsp instant coffee to pack and make it up with boiled water and blend, just had one this morning.
If I've made proper coffee mix it with that hot in the blender.
Have also tried mocha, chocolate pack with coffee made hot, and caramel with coffee- yum!:D

Thank you both V much. I ended up making a vanilla shake and then adding fresh coffee then microwaving which was a bit long winded. Will try your methods tomorrow morning.

Thank you
I can't bear the vanilla on its own - smells overly sweet and synthetic - and I always have it hot with a big spoon of instant coffee in. Apparently the new vanilla is much nicer though - I've heard rumours that it's like cream soda! I'm hoping it will be a dead ringer for McD's vanilla milkshake myself..... (no-one can say I'm not an optimist :D)


has started again!!
No tea/coffee restriction for us either! Cant stand vanilla but often use banana with a teaspoon of coffee, then wizz in the blender...mmmmm!!


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I would definately recommend investing in a Kenwood Frothie Maker - around £25-£35 depending on where you go.....

It makes hot and cold shakes - perfect!!

For hot you just put the water in cold, add your pack and if you want to add spoon instant coffee then press button and it blends and heat and froths it to perfection.....

I couldn't do this diet without....


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Which model kenwood frothie do you both have? think I might get one but don't know which.

We don't have any restrictions on how many coffees a day we can have either.
Thank you all for your help. Frothie maker sounds good to me. My brother bought me a milkshake maker about 3 years ago, I have never even opened the box until yesterday! Makes the shakes really creamy and frothy but does not heat them. Off to argos in the morning!

Have to say (am only on day 2) and was really fee;ling the urge to chew so made "chicken stuffing" - it was absolutely revolting. I got it down me somehow but it was like warm cotten wool with a cheap and weak stock cube in it - yuck.

Shakes are ok - have had strawberry, choc and caramel. I loved my vanilla latte this morning . Am going to try bananna latte tomorrow.

My LLC def said we could not have more than 2 tea/ coffee per day as the caffeine makes you hold water? I have only had two and my head is banging. I have also had one savoury drink - what on earth is in that sachet? Really low flavoured and £6? That said it has saved my life today. I can't wait til 10pm so I can have my 2nd one. On the whold not doing to bad but only two days in. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Thank you all xxxx:)


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Hi Dramaqueen

You are doing well, stick with it! I have never tried the stuffing. Have only ever cooked one pack, which was a bar.

I have just checked in the green foundation book and it definately does say unlimited black coffee and leaf tea so I would either check this out with her or ignore her!
The vanilla latte makes me gag! I sooo wanted it to be delicious too! Although at day 199 maybe it could take on a whole new lease of life. Haven't tried one since week 1! And if you can learn to love the nut crunch, well, anything's possible isn't it? :D
And the limited tea/coffee thing really isn't true.


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Everyday I use my 4th pack (vanilla) and use just a couple of spoonfuls to add to my coffee which I then drink throughout the day as I got fed up with black coffee, its just like having white coffee all the time, tsp coffee, 2 tsps of vanilla shake powder, hot water then a quick whizz in the blender. xxx


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I had lemon crunch biscuit bites this morning with my coffee!, you have to get it just right, cut a lemon bar into 12/14 bits, put on parchment paper then microwave for 50 to 60 seconds, they are fantastic, if you dont cook them long enough they go chewy (all microwaves differ!)
I can't have bars this week but will def be making biscuits. My LLC made some on monday for us to try - toffee and lemon and i thought they were nice. Are you allowed as many bars as you want or are they limited?

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