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How do I make the shakes?


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I picked up my packs last night in preparation for starting this morning but have just realised that she put them in a 'Maintenence' bag so I have no instructions on how to make them up!
How much water do I add to the shakes/soup, and has anyone tips on how to make them the best way? I have a shaker and a hand blender.
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I use a measuring jug, I pour in anything from 250ml - 500ml of boiling or cold water, depending what you like, then add the sweetex and the flavoured shake and blitz with the hand blender until frothy and creamy. Enjoy.
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I bought a plastic "shaker". You pour in the water (250ml is what LT say), then add sachet and fibre clear (if you are using it). Put on lid and shake vigorously. Drink and enjoy!


A little of everything!
Thanks everyone! Are they nicer with the sweeteners?
I only add sweetex to the chocolate one or vanilla one and after the first couple of days I love them. The only one I dont like is chicken soup, but others love it.
PS, never tried a sweetex in the soup, maybe that would make me like it lol.


A little of everything!
LOL! I just meant the shakes! I'm going to add pepper to the soup when I try it?


It really does work! :)
IMHO you have to have pepper in the soup otherwise I find it tastes powdery even after being zapped with the blender!

With the shakes, I add coffee to both the chocolate and vanilla and a sweetex to the vanilla too, blend with ice cold water (about 450ml) and drink slowly, but within 10 mins.

I add sweetex to the strawberry to give it a "proper" milkshake taste.

I just throw in about 6 ice-cubes, wizz with a hand-blender (Tesco £4.18) and voila!! A thick-ish milk shake, Yum! I've never had to resort to sweetners and totally HATE the "chicken" soup!!!!!


A little of everything!
LOL! Thats why my pharmacist only gave me two to try- she said most people find them 'bleurghh'!! I must try the ice cubes- I find the shakes very 'watery'? And thats using 250ml water?
Can you add anything to the vanilla- I read someone uses cinnamon- is that allowed?


A little of everything!
Thanks Kered- I find the smell very off-putting, so if it smells nicer it might taste nicer iykwim! LOL!


A little of everything!
I'm hoping its nice too and keeping it for later in the week? I haven't got a sweet tooth- savoury things are my love, so I'm hoping I'll like the soup better?!

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