How do i qualify for a tummy tuck?

Discussion in 'Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss' started by violetstar, 7 February 2014.

  1. violetstar

    violetstar Member

    When I started sw I was 20st1 I'm now 15.2 but I want to keep looking forward to the new me, how do I qualify for surgery?
  2. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Well-Known Member

    In most cases, you need to get to a healthy bmi and maintain for 2 years to qualify for surgery on the nhs. It all depends on your are as some areas have better funding for such procedures too. I'd check with your local health board or speak to a gp? Xxx
  3. violetstar

    violetstar Member

    Thanks hon I might speak to my gp about it :)

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