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How do I stop myself being unrealistic?


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I have no patience. It is one of my worst traits and when I want something I want it NOW (which is partly why I gained the weight in the first place I suspect).

So, my next weigh in is on Thursday and I want to have lost 10lbs this week. Which will mean I've lost 2 stone in 3 weeks.

I *know* in my head this is a totally unrealistic target and I should be looking at a 3 - 4lb loss as a good thing.

But I know I will be disappointed if I don't get the 10lbs.

After last week's panic over the scales not going down until the day before the weigh in, I have stayed off them this week.

All I want is a miracle. It's not much to ask for is it? ;) Oh I'd quite like to win the lottery too.
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I fear you may have to learn to deal with the 'disappointment' - this may help you recognise that 3 or 4 or 5lb is a great loss in a week. Two stone in three weeks IS unrealistic. But you know that, don't you!

So maybe the way to deal with the perceived disappointment is either to give yourself a stern talking to about realism before your WI, or go along hoping for a miracle and then deal with the disappointment afterwards. Come here after WI and tell us all about it, get it out of your system!

sorry - but you did ask....


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Hah... I know.

I will come and moan about it.

I feel sorry for my CDC. She's all jolly and enthusiastic and saying "Brilliant, another 5lbs that's fantastic" and I'm like "yeah it's alright." Poor woman. I will make more of an effort for her this week. I think a cartwheel is out of the question though.
Your first weight loss is always the biggest - partly because you are losing around 7lbs in glycogen - which is stored in your muscles. After this you are breaking down fat for energy. 4lbs of fat lost is fantastic, 4lbs that you will never get back again!!

Unless you are taking part in the Biggest Loser where you are also exercising for about 3 hours a day, (and sole sourcing) I am afraid you are being completely unrealistic. In a way you are building yourself up, to be knocked down. You know that you are doing this, you need to look at why you are doing this. By being upset and disappointed, will this give you an excuse to say "its not working so sod it"! Don't know but just asking questions.

Even those people on gastric bands or weight loss surgery do not expect to lose this amount. Why then put such high expectations on yourself. Expect to lose 2 or 3lbs and then if you lose more you will be absolutely over the moon.

Good luck for your weigh in

Rosie x


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LizS and Rose I *know* what you are saying makes sense and I always start the week thinking "right, if I lose 3lbs I will be pleased" but as it gets closer to weigh in I start thinking "hang about, if I lost *10lbs* I'd lose 2 stone!" and then get all hopeful. I know I am being ridiculous.

So if you can't stop me being unrealistic, could you do something about me winning the lottery instead? ;)
There is a perfectionist lurking inside you......


Winning a losing battle!
Sorry, can't help on the 10lbs or lottery or I'd be at goal and a millionaire by now ;) but, there's a post around here somewhere that shows what 1lb and 5lb of fat looks like.

My CDC has them in her cupboard and makes me hold them if I'm disappointed with my loss - really makes you realise how much you've lost!

Will see if I can find the post and will pop it here if I can.....


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how about working for the 2 stone goal in 4 weeks instead of 3?
5lbs a week is a lot more achieveable that 10lbs in 1 week...thats just madness hun!

Trouble with doing this, is that if your disappointed becuase you have set yourself such high goals, you *could* end up falling off the CD wagon becuase you'll be depressed about the result!

Whatever the scales say, you have to remember that even a 2lbs loss (which i hate!) is still PURE fat and you will be losing inches as well at the same time.....

The worst thing you can do at the moment is rock the boat this early on by having unachieveable expectations hun!

OMG, your post SO says it all! I have the same expectations, the same feeling of let down. I'm a Virgo too. I just can't let things be. I've even plotted out weightgoals for every three weeks which kinda seem unrealistic... I scale-hop GAWD I just feel like I traded one addiction for another.:cry:


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enlightenme2 well done on your 13lb loss! I bet you did the "oh if had only been on more pound" thing eh? I know I did! We will have to learn to appreciate what we HAVE lost instead of wishing for what we might've lost


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Lol we always want more!!! I'm exactly the same, I was desperate to get into the 11s and when I was exactly 12 stone I was soooo disappointed, especially since the week later I put on a pound! I'm now into the 11s and moving up the plans but I still want high losses! I 'know' losses will be less up the plans and nearer to goal but it doesn't stop me wanting more lol!

Good luck with your weigh in, maybe you will be happy with your loss, maybe not, but at least you can come and moan about it on here afterwards ;) xx
ha i love this post this is me to a TTTT, i have 21 pounds to lose in 3 weeks 5 days i hope to gawd i can do it cause major depression will be setting in for me if I dontdo it hahaaha

what we like eh?


One day at a time!
And I'm another Virgo who can soooo relate to all you are both saying! On any other diet I'd be delighted to lose anything week after week but on CD I want stones and I want them now!:)
Oh my! I am almost glad I am a Taurus....although down side of this is their love of food!!! D'oh!

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I'm sorry hun and I don't want to come across as rude but you need to get real (in the nicest way). To expect these losses is absolutly silly and all you are doing is gearing yourself up for a huge fall. What happens when that week comes where you stay the same? .... It happens to us all.

You're doing really well but it sounds like you're becoming more and more obsessed. The weight will come off but your body will need to catch up at some point and you need to start looking at how you'll deal with this.

It's great that you're focused but being upset with your losses is madness. There are others who have much, much smaller losses than you. But you just keep going and as long as you're going in the right direction then all is good. Be proud of what you are acheiving and give yourself a break. This is an amazing diet but just be careful where your head is at hun.

Hugs x


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Sunshine this thread was partly tongue in cheek, hence the smattering of ;) in the original post.

We have all acknowledged that it is a ridiculous target.

I am glad I am not the only one that feels like that though, judging by the other replies :D


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Bloody hell Guru... you only want 10lb in a week....

I've been SSing for *MORE* than a week now... why aren't I at target????:eek:;):p:D

I don't think that it's asking too much really, I've been extra good and all of that... can it happen by tomorrow morning Pleeeaaaaseee????


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Alipally :D :D :D

I recommend removing a limb ;)


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Bloody hell Guru... you only want 10lb in a week....

I've been SSing for *MORE* than a week now... why aren't I at target????:eek:;):p:D

I don't think that it's asking too much really, I've been extra good and all of that... can it happen by tomorrow morning Pleeeaaaaseee????

LOL !!!!!! This is totally me - if i say no to a crisp someone offers me i expect to have lost a stone in compensation! Every time i get a grumble - i think SURELY im a size 8 by now!!

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