How do I tell my health trainer woman about CD?


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On friday I've got an appointment with a health trainer. The reasoning behind it isn't to do with my weight, it's because I possibly have chronic fatigue so it's to work on that. But to do that they look at all aspects of your life including diet. So I know that my weight will come up and she'll probably want to put together a healthy eating plan with me. Thing is I know that a lot of medical people are so against CD I don't really know what to do. I don't want to not tell her as if I'm not honest about all areas of my life it's pretty pointless. And the service isn't a cheap one for the NHS to be running and it's because I don't want to have to just put up with my symptoms all the time, so to allow her to completely help I have to be completely honest. But I just don't want to listen to another person lecture me about the dangers of VCLDs, which she might do. How am I best convincing her that it's safe and I know what I'm doing? Anyone else had to talk to their doctor or healthcare person got any advice about it?
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hmmm difficult...

personally I would tell him/her, and if they start to lecture you tell them its your decision, and its not dangerous. Fact is being overweight is dangerous and this is your chosen way of dealing with it. Tell them your not open to discussion about it and change the subject!

They may change their mind anyway when they see the fab results you'll have!


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I think you need to tell her. Besides you have your GP's permission right? He/she must think it's safe.


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I put the status as should I, but I'm going to anyway, so I should change that! It's more that I don't know what to say about it as a lot of doctors seem to stress. Nope, I didn't need to get doctors permission, and I've moved since then anyway.

I might print out some info for her. Seems biggest thing is that people just don't understand it, don't realise it's not a bomb in and out crash diet, but a well structured plan.


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Are you seeing your cdc before seeing the trainer, mine gave me a leaflet for health professionals, you could give her a copy? Its probably downloadable??? Hope it goes ok x


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I saw her this morning and didn't think about it! I wonder if it is downloadable.


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I had a personal trainer last year and I told her I was on a VLCD and she was fine but I understand that a lot of people are against them. She should still be able to offer you fitness advice I would imagine? The best thing is to go prepared with your information and explain to her, she might be fine.

Hope it all works out for you.


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I've found that health workers are more aware of, and more accepting of vlcd's these days - the doctors at my surgery are happy to sign their patients on and are very supportive so hopefully your health trainer will be knowledgeabe on them.


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Hey hun, if she knows anything about nutrition she should be all for Cambridge Diet. You could tell her that it was first introduced in hospitals (that's right, by DOCTORS) to help slim patients down for surgery in a safe way... think of the poorliest people... THEY were put on Cambridge. In fact, hospitals do still use it and my CD lady told me only yesterday that hospitals now EMPLOY CDC's to provide supervision and packs to patients!

It's a medically approved diet that has been through the appropriate channels to prove it's safe. If she challenges you when you tell her "Oh, I don't need a healthy eating plan as I have just started the Cambridge Diet which is nutritionally complete", then I would suggest you point the above info out to her and suggest she does some research. Don't let her try and convince you it's unsafe - it's easy to get that devil on your shoulder and let health professionals talk you out of it. Unless you need to go on medication that may contra-indicate you, stick with it, and tell her that's what you intend to do :)

Wishing you loads of luck, patience and courage! xx


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Hi Caroline

As you will have noticed there are many nurses and midwives etc on this forum following CD, attitudes are changing, hope appointment goes well and promotes good health for you - just like CD does x