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How do people divide their packs through the day?

I tend not to feel any hunger/need until lunchtime, so I have both shakes at around midday at home, and then my shakes at tea time at home.

That way I can just munch my bar quietly, without passers by (open plan office) asking what shake I'm having and then having to go through the whole VLCD debate with people ignorant to what they really are.

Well i'm not starting until tomorrow... i've just had my delivery (shakes and bars) and it got me thinking about how i was going to eat them, so i thought i'd ask!

I think i'm going to try and hold out for my first one until i get to work at 9, although i'm sure i'll get some strange looks around the office drinking out of my protein shake bottle! Then i wasn't sure how/ when to have the other two, i'll see what everyone else does for some inspiration :)

I know what you mean about having the VLCD debate, i'm not telling anyone about it other than hubby, who thankfully has been very supportive x
I split mine regularly throughout the day:

8 am - 1/2 shake
12 pm - 1/2 soup
3 pm - 1/2 soup
7 pm - 1 soup
9 pm - 1/2 shake

That way I feel like I'm eating a lot more than I am. I also use more water and have a coffee or peppermint tea to stem cravings.
I split a soup while i'm at work normally have half at 11.30 then the other at 1.30 then I have my bar as soon as I get home & a shake at 9
I've got a 750ml bottle on my desk that i'm drinking from all day
Thanks RC - i'm not sure i could get through until 11.30 without having something, my mum always drummed into me 'breakfast breakfast breakfast!!' and even now at almost 30 i find it really hard not to eat breakfast! Although i'm not sure just having a shake would feel like having something anyway... hopefully they're quite filling!
I have a third of my bar at about 10:30/11ish, whilst everybody at work is having a brew and a morning snack.
Then I have a full pack at about 1pm, another at home in the evening sometime between 6 and 7, and then I finish with the other two thirds of my bar while I'm watching TV in the evening :)


Violet is shrinking
I can pretty much go all day with any packs, cups of tea/coffee and coke get me through. I get the occassional tummy grumble but nothing major. My routine the last few weeks has been, two shakes between 7-9pm followed by a bar. I also make me shakes with lots of hot water, around 1000mls (I like them that way)

It does suit me, but have been wondering if I should try and space things differently, although I can't see the point of using a pack when I don't want it...
I split a soup while i'm at work normally have half at 11.30 then the other at 1.30 then I have my bar as soon as I get home & a shake at 9
I've got a 750ml bottle on my desk that i'm drinking from all day
I find splitting my soup at work allows me to still be social (and beats boredom) at the desk. I also have a 2 litre jug on desk for water which means I can really monitor my water intake. If I can finish during the day anything extra is bonus!
Cuppa at 7am

Bar 9.30am (after school run)

1 litre of water between brekkie and lunch

Shake 1.30pm

more water

cuppa at 4pm

2nd shake at 6.30pm

More water

cuppa at 10pm before bed.

I find a cup of tea or coffee will fill me up and stop any grumbles! I do have a splash of skimmed milk in them though about 30mls in each one and no more than 3 per day. I know it could be a prob for Ketosis, but I think doing it like this will mean I last longer on the diet! 120ml of skimmed milk is 5g of carbs....so I have to be careful!
I try very hard to stick to a "three meal a day" routine for when I come off this diet. I have a shake in the morning at around 8ish - bar at lunch around 1ish and soup for dinner at around 7ish. I fill 2 1.5 ltr bottles with water and make sure I drink them during the day and I have black coffee or peppermint tea for hot drinks. I treat myself to a glass of coke zero every now and then but still cant get over the idea that I'm cheating when I do :) This seems to work for me and I'm hoping that I'm educating my brain that this is a good pattern to get into for later on. Good luck with whatever routine suits you :)


Doing it exante style :)
Yeh I'm trying the 'three meals a day' thing too in hope itll help when I go back to real food.
I have my packs at 10am 2pm and 7pm and I drink tunz of sparkling water in-between :) xx
I have:-

1/2 shake at about 8am,
1/2 a bar at around 10.30/11am,
1/2 shake at about 1pm,
1/2 a bar at around 3.30/4pm
Soup or Shake at 7pm when I get home from work
Plus 2-3 litres of water per day and coke Zero on the weekends.

I make my 1/2 shakes with 1 tsp coffee and the same amount of water as is recomended for the whole shake as I do not like them too thick.


Violet is shrinking
I don't have my first til about 8pm
We must be quite similar then.. I have my first pack between 7.30 and 8.30 pm, then I have a bar, then my last shake. The shakes last me a good half our too.

I do drink decaff tea/coffee, probably around 6 cups a day with semi skimmed milk, and I drink a glass or so of coke zero a day.

I pay little attention to the milk in my tea/coffee, it doesn't seem to bother me, I'm going to try and cut back though :D
I'm torn really between trying to maintain a 'breakfast, lunch and dinner' routine, and saving them for when i'm actually hungry, and my danger times, which seems to be mid morning, mid afternoon and evening. Today i'm having them at the danger times, because i'm trying to avoid picking in the kitchen, which is what i usually do!

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