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how do u stop urself?

Try one of britmums chocolate cakes. I made the chocolate banana weetabix cake the other day. It is only 12 syns for the whole cake. It is rather flat but tastes great or squidgy chocolate cake.:)

Muller light yogurts are great for a sweet fix too! If you want something creamier WW vanilla yogurts are nice and Activia ones.:17729:
LOL, i like the stuff written above. for me i guess it depends on how bad my cravings are, what mood i'm in or what time it is. usually though i go and find something to distract myself with, such as going and listening to music or painting. if i'm still craving i'll have a drink, and so on and so forth. we all have cravings, and at one point or another we'll all give in to them. but just because it's happened doesn't mean we stop altogether and go into a wail of woe and self-failure. you just have to pick yourself back up and go back on track.

i hope that you'll find whatever helps drive away your cravings. ;)
i think craving is bad cos mattie is away . just me and nothing to keep me out kitchen
i find i don't eat anything, whilst making food. :D i taste it just before the end, but i don't snack out on treats. why not try making some of the longer more complex sw recipes for dinner, perhaps go through all the mags to make the whole weeks meals. :D
dunno whats im going to do, 2 chocolate bars left in drawer, then only good sw stuff left
give the choc's to the kid and make yourself a nice treat. i mix a sachet of options hot chocolate (any flavour) with total 0 yogurt, add sweetener to taste. lovely, filling, chocolately and always 2 syns. :D can put in freezer if you want it as an icecream. :D
I don't have kids, I'm doing sw to be slim for ivf. I having bad day!!! Maybe it's cos lady week soon
sorry to hear you're having a bad day. why not go pamper yourself with a scented oil bath, that'll relax you right out. LOL i fell asleep in mine last time.


Have a cup of tea, a hot drink, carrots sticks, celery but if all else fails....

Depends, what kind of naughty feeling it is.

Something sweet I try to have it within syns, but I'm a bulk person, so if its piled high it feels naughty. For me if its sweetened Quark piled high with fruit with a cereal bar crumbled over it I'm there!

Sometimes its chocolate and if an options doesn't sort it then I'll generally have a piece within syns.

I will store my choc in the freezer to make it seems longer lasting.


You should have seen me last week with a turkish Delight, Husband said it was faintly disturbing. Wee bit, put down, wee bite, put down. Normally I eat them in 3 bites.
haha, brilliant! i'm a kitkat/lion/galaxy kind of person. since being on here i've developed a habit of trying to make them all last longer, eat the chocolate around the kitkat first then eat in layers. lion bar and galaxy try not to bit and just let them melt LOL.

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