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How do you beat the weekend weakness?

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Every weekend I struggle to stay on plan. I don't know why exactly as I'm home on Mondays and Tuesdays and I can do it then. Just seems to be the weekend.

Usually on a Friday night the baby goes to the inlaws so we have a night alone. Sometimes I have a glass of wine because it's weekend and no baby. Only once did I actually plan it in to my syns. :(

I always seem to plan to eat well over the weekend but then it never happens. I'm losing weight ok, about 1lb a week but I'm sure I could get another half off if I stuck to plan at the weekend.

I know I don't seem to eat any fruit when I'm not at work. It just doesn't appeal at home!

Plus we usually end up going to the inlaws for a bit (they're 5 houses down from us!) and sometimes we end up eating there. It's never planned, sometimes FIL starts cooking or something.

Anyway. Anyone else suffer from not feeling able to stick to plan over the weekend?

Any tips on how to do it?! :confused:
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the weekends are a difficult one, its slightly easier for me because my weigh in class is saturday morning, so after the class, im usually quite motivated to stick to plan, although i do have a few treats myself on a saturday night! why dont you try and just have 5-10 syns each day thru the week and then of a weekend, you will have saved enough to enjoy yourself. Try building it into your week if you can xxx

Mrs V

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It is a toughie Hun, but you really have to put your foot down and decide what you want more. Plan everything down to the last detail as if it was a working week day and stick to it. Weekends are hard, especially if the other half decides to do something spur of the moment, but dont be swayed so easily!

S: 12st12lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 2st2lb(16.67%)
I guess I should try to see it as a week day rather than a weekend. I'm still getting up the same time as my son wakes around 6.30am! I don't know what it is about the weekend. Maybe it's having the husband home, although he doesn't cook anything bad (doesn't cook anything at all!).

I think I will definately write everything down over the weekend.


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The weekends are my downfall too. I get around it by planning "treat" dinners, you know that recipe that has "exotic" ingredients and isn't quick/easy to cook..? I cook those at the weekends cos the cooking keeps me busy and the eating is usually better than ordinary weekday food! It might just be me being lazy during the week but it seems to work lol. Also... slimming world humus! My thing at weekends is obviously drinking, I'll have a few drinks and want a few nibbles to go with it - so I make SW humus (recipe is on here somewhere) and make carrot batons, celery sticks and cucumber sticks to go with it, much healthier than munching on crisps/nuts and FREE! Keeps your hands busy and if you're drinking or watching a film it's nice :) HTH!
Freinds of mine tend to swap & eat more on the EE plan at the weekend because it gives them more freedom.

I happily plod along with my red days as they really do suit us better with what we do, so no difference there.

I would try & stick to it as best you can - like where you are saying you don't syn your wine at the weekend, well this weekend make a point of doing so. It may help you stay more focussed.

Wee Doll

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ive give up drinking untill i hit target i dont drink most nights that i go out but then i have the stupid tin of cider on a sunday night watching a dvd or something with the OH

other than that i have good will power and manage to make good choices

its all really about preperation


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I always go EE at the weekend, as i find it best fits in with my plans.
I do most of the time have a few glasses of wine at the weekend with dinner, and go out to eat or have an occasion sometimes too, but usually i know its happening so can save sins. Even if it is spur of the moment that we do something, I know i can cut back on sins the following week. Id really just agree with the others and plan plan plan!

Every Sat morn without fail, OH has 2 giant bacon and egg sarnies on thick brown bread with sauce, I resist. at first this was hard, but i love love my all bran and a banana or magic porridge, so i dont feel like im missing out! Occcasionally, I will have the bacon & egg too, but on a plate with my HEXB as toast, and pad it out with mush and tomatoes - maybe some beans! i dont ever feel like im missing out on his sarnies!

I always make sure that if staying in on a sat night I make something really tasty for dinner - a curry, lasagne (sw of course!) or a new recipe from the EE or meals for a fiver book, and have a dessert - again from one of the books, or i am a fan of the ww frozen ones (mostly under 10 sins and are a real treat!) so its feels like its a nice weekend meal.

I also try and get in some exercise, maybe the gym, swim or even going for a nice walk. its nice to catch up with OH too and have a chat about the week and have some us time as we are walking.

good luck xx

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