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How do you cope with bad days?

kerry b

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Are you able to have just a little then stop? If you can then have something and syn it. A penguin biscuit is really chocolatey and is about 5/6 syns. Lots of people on here seem to enjoy curly wurlys. Have a bag of crisps pom bears are about 4/5 syns or some snack a jacks for 5/6 syns. If you constantly deny yourself these things I find that it builds up and builds up then before I know it I end up eating a whole bar of galaxy or most of a tube of pringles where as if I "give in" to the craving and syn it I tend to stay on track.

Good luck
As suggested above you can use your syns and even have flexible syns if you think you can stick to it other days, don't deny yourself what you crave because it will truely backfire on yourself.

Have you tried fat free yogurt and a options hot choc sachet? That satisfies my choc needs and what about making up some crisps yourself?? thinly cut up a potato and sprinkle with whatever flavoring you're craving,you'll get more from one potato than you'll get from a bag of crisps!

I find hot chocolate made with milk (HEa) is always much better too rather than just made with hot water.


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First of all i'd recommend making sure you're eating enough in general - as you could just be hungry and therefore wanting bad things because you're not full enough after meals. Second i'd recommend upping your water as even slight dehydration can make you feel hungry and start cravings. Thirdly make sure you're using your syns to their full extent. If you want some crisps, chose a low syn variety and have some. If you want chocolate, chose a small bar but most definately have some! Same goes for anything else. As the others have said if you're constantly denying yourself your fav treats you WILL come off SW at some point. The good thing about this eating plan is you CAN have the things you love and STILL have a healthy diet and lose weight!
If you really think you're going to have a blow out tonight then do it in a controlled way. Still syn what you have and either try to make up for it the rest of the week or have your blip, enjoy it, draw a line under it and carry on sticking to the plan. xx

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