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how do you deal with unsupportive people

i just told my friend that im hopefully going to start CD this wkend and she just said u wont do it, u wont stick to it trust me.

she did LL and lost 3 stone but she pigged out when she came off of it and gained 4 stone back so now she is against it

i realise that when i have finished then i have to maintain my healthy eating i KNOW this i have been overweight my whole life and see this as a way to get it gone quicker, ive struggled for 3 yrs on weightwatchers so no1 can say i havent tried!

be nice to have her support tho!:cry:
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I went through the same thing when i started my bf was really doubtful of the diet and it was really off putting.

You just have to remember that you are doing this diet for you not any1 else. just because your friend ate like a maniac when she came off LL it does not mean that you will.

Stick to the maintenence, which is something that i dnt think LL has and you will be fine. dnt let other people get you down. shes probably only jealous cuz once you give up its hard to get back on it.

Keep smilin you will be super slim b4 u know it!


jUST READ the success stories on here and thats all the evidence you need!
I am 10 stone lighter and have been for over a year!
It is an individual journey and a re education of your old eatin g habits!
Eat like you used to and of course the weight will come back.
Use abstinenece to rethink your food intake and plan the way forward and you eill remain sllim!
Its as simple as that!
Change for life not just to lose the weight!
Your friend has had a sad experience and so does not believe in a VLCD, but with any diet if you do not change after the weight loss, then the weight will return.
Go show her how it is done and good luck
Stick to your guns. Add it to your list of why you want to lose the weight, To prove the doubters wrong.
In my experience people who doubt you are envious that YOU have chosen to take the first step.
Lots of support on here.
Take no notice.
Good luck!!!
thanx for the replies, i DONT plan on eating like a maniac and ive been unhappy for so long that i feel i should give myself this chance, i have about 7 stone to lose i can see myself going back to my old ways again through fear of being this big again

i want to enjoy my adulthood as my childhood and teens were miserable, being bigger than everyone else im not 21 and i see this as the beginning, im lucky that my bf is very supportive, he bought me a game boy and some lovely smellies to keep me occupied when everyone else is eating lol


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it seems the only people who say this diet is no good and u will fail etc are the ones that havent done it or they have done it and failed, there are enough success stories out there that proves it does work.

my sister was the same with me when i started but she had tried and failed twice and again since i started, yes its hard but if u stick to it and do the maintenance there is no reason why u should fail, let your friend eat her words when you're slim and stayed slim :D


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before I started the CD the few people I had mentioned it to all said, "ah yes but once you come off the diet you'll pile it all back on" I went to see the CDC and asked her about this and she said if you pile it back on its your own fault and not the fault of the diet. The diet is designed to help you get the weight off quickly and then as long as you work through the maintenance stages and eat sensibly you wont pile it back on. An average woman should be able to maintain her weight on roughly 2000 calories, so as long as you stick to that you should be fine.

She's absolutely right and I think the maintenance stage is the bit that most people dread, including me. All you can do is try your best and try to make sensible food choices once you have lost the weight.

Good luck and dont let your unsupportive friend put you off.


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thats the one of the things that has kept me on the straight and narow while on this diet
i have had the same said to me
i think sod you i will do it
so ignore those who wont support you and just think of their faces when you get to goal

kaz xx
Any diet if you go back to eating the same way as before you will put on the weight, the best idea is to work through the plans and learn to control the portion sizes and types of food ect.

I had the same comment when i told my whole family(around 16 adults) on Boxing day 2005 and to be honest i thought to myself i really want to lose weight for myself but also i wanted to prove them all wrong which i did as i lost 7 stone nearly and then came off diet as i was pregnant. Since then i have become a counsellor and have had my mum, twin sister, hubby, brother in law, sister inlaw dad and brother and aunt all on cambridge diet once they saw my results!!!!

Just prove her wrong, she is being negative because she failed and doesn't want you to succeed where she didn't. Didn't, not couldn't. As wl8s says, it's keeping it off that is one of the hardest parts, I put 9lbs on again after CD but am now happily losing it by JUDDDing.

Just tell your friend that you were supportive of her when she dieted and you would appreciate it if she could do the same for you, if she can't then you need to get a better friend.


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Tell them to 'jog on' and mind their business...... lol!!

At the end of the day your doing the diet for you hun, no one else if your friend lost the weight then returned to her old eating habits (which is easy done I have to say - as I've done that myself:eek:).... then the weight piles back on.... if you follow it to the letter and work your way through the stages of CD then it will stay off.... you only have to look at the success stories on here to see it does work.....:D
Good Luck....:D


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You can do it ... and as everyone else has said do it for you - not anyone else. She's not being very supportive - and many of us have experienced the same from our so called friends. Luckily you have a smashing boyfriend who sounds like he is wonderful.
Good luck - and do a diary on here to help you through the rough times and to look back on when you a skinny mini!
lol yeah you are all right, my bf is the bestestestest and is so desperate for me to be happy that he has even offered to pay for it all for me, i have agreed with him that im not going to tell anybody so i cant be discouraged and i have given him permission to lock me in a room to stop me from eating lol he has come home from work today with a LL mag for me and a pep talk lol bless his heart

i am deffo gonna start a diary today so i can remember the apprehension im feeling at the moment mixed with pure excitement, its agony waiting for my CDC to call me back!!


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I would tell her to F off....I mean just cause she pigged out after coming off LL doesn't mean you will...


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Just a quick reply to this thread, I am on the diet and my partner won't and dont support me, we have had loads of rows over this so the only other person that knows i am on this diet is kazbro, she and the forum have kept me sane and gave me the support I need. I am going to do this, with or without anyones support as i am doing this for me and no one else!


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Fuck 'em!!

Youve always got us :D



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It is horrible when your friends make you feel bad about being on the diet.
I got into work today and a really good friend of mine said
'Oh my God, you look awful in black!! Your clothes are to big and you're starting to look thin!'
I wouldnt mind if that were true, but I am still 4lbs in the overweight category and I have a really small frame so I need to lose another 4-5 lbs at least on top of what I have lost! Also this girl is always on about her weight and how fat she is. She only weighs about 9.7 and is 5''5'. I was really self-conscious all day and thought 'Why don't people want me to lose weight?
So annoying, they were willing to laugh at me when I used to joke about how fat I was!


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You know what ...ignore them they are jealous.
They will be eating there words when you are slim and gorgeous.....prove them wrong.

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