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How do you do it...

In the last 24hrs I have seen some amazing pictures and read some amazing results of members of the forum. Just wanted to know when you were given xenical did your doctor give you a diet too? What sort of foods and diet do you follow to have such amazing results? I must be doing something wrong as I had no where near as good results despite desperately needing to.:sigh:

Hope you are all having a good week and your good results keep coming!
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Hey honey , well id love to help you out here firstly and sadly no =[ the doctor doesnt give any info or dietry advice =[ you can check the xenical map website (google it) i think it has a few ideas on it.. nothing major though which is sad considering the amount of peple that now use xenical.

i started off swopping bread for pitta bread
cutting out all red meat , just chicken and tuna for me..
skimmed milk only...
try natural yogurt on cereal instead of milk its quite nice...

typical meal day for me =

fruit and fibre with natural yogurt OR fresh fruit chopped up =D.

mid morning a bag of snack a jacks or a few mixed nuts and seeds.

Lunch = pitta bread with tuna salad and muller light yogurt

mid afternoon a piece of fruit or a low fat (under 5g per 100g in fat) choc/ snack bar

Dinner= Chicken breast veggies and pasta with a weight watchers desert (check the labels)

there are lots of meals you can have , its surprising once you start reading food labels how easy it is , hope this helps.. let me know how you get on xxx
Doctor gave me no dietary help either, however when my GP prescribed Xenical for me, I was attending Weight Management classes at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, so was getting dietary advice from the dieticians there. It was them who explained the 5% fat and no more than 15g of fat in every meal to me. And also, like Piink says I got a limited amount of info from the Xenical site.
A typical day for me is
30g of Special k with skimmed milk
2 slices wholemeal bread
30g reduced sugar jam

small mug of home-made lentil soup
2 slices wholemeal bread
25g wafer ham
30g Philadelphia extra light
salad leaves, tomato, spring onion and cucumber
fat free yoghurt

100g chicken
onion, mushroom, tender stem broccoli, mangetoute
60g Blue dragon chow mein sauce
150g straight to wok noodles

small mug home-made veg soup

Mid afternoon I sometimes have either a banana or a packet of berry snack a jacks. I also drink loads of water, at least 3 litres a day, maybe the odd mug of green tea, but no fizzy juice at all.

Oh! girls thanks so much for sharing that info. I think I am generally on the same stream of food however I need to watch the carbs, red meat and fizzy drinks. I only drink Pepsi Max and that is one can a day very rarely two but thats it. Do you think thats bad?

I am so so glad I found this forum. It has honestly given me a new "lease" for my efforts. Will be keep you up to date with results!

Enjoy the sun!
if im totally honest with you id say ditch the pepsi max , fizzy drinks are a no no.

try flavoured water (non fizzy)

I would also have to agree with Pink, ditch the fizzy, I did put some links to research on the effects on weigh loss whilst drinking Diet coke which are quite astounding, I now only have it with the odd vodka now and again as a treat and I was a complete DC addict drinking 3 litres a day and always fat!
My Dr didn't give me any diet advice apart from to watch my fat intake or suffer the consequences..ha ha (we all know what they are) but I get heaps of advice and support from the guys on here.
Good luck


plodding away
My gp just said follow a low fat diet too, but then again he did know I knew what to eat just had problems doing it! Interesting to have the posts on diet coke etc cos thats another thing I know I need to stop but havent yet.



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I thought I'd just throw in the (probably rather anally retentive) approach I developed a few years ago and have used on and off ever since.

I started by dividing my daily calories up to match my lifestyle. At the time I was aiming for about 1500kcals a day so I decided on 400kcals for each of the three meals plus 300kcals for snacks or pudding.

I then went round the supermarket with a pen and paper and identified all the possible ready meals or products that I could include and noted down their calories and fat content. I also noted down a range of possible snack products which would fit in.

I then got out all my cookery books and found a range of meals I could use. I reworked each recipe to match the calories/fat I was aiming for; this often involved significantly cutting the amount of oil used (you almost never need the amount they say) and increasing the vegetable content. I wrote down my new recipes in a book (which I still add to every time I adapt or invent a recipe).

This then gave me a list of usable meals (both ready and home cooked) I could use. Each week I sat down and planned the next week’s menu and wrote a very precise shopping list. The trick is to make sure you only buy what’s on the list.

It’s a lot of upfront planning but it takes away a lot of the subsequent stress as you don’t have to think about calories or fat unless you want to introduce a new meal/snack.

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