How do you do it?


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I joined slim fast/ tesco shakes diet because i thought i could control my eating habits.. But having a shake for break, shake for lunch and a sensible dinner with out the need to weigh and calorie count.. :(

It is so annoying having to weigh my food out before i can mix it to say make bologneise, shepards pie, stew etc ? And seperate it from my familys saucepan..How do you do this? I am not happy :( Because i just want to beable not to worry about counting, i just want to make a huge bowl of stew or bologneise etc and just serve ! I will only use low fat ingredients, extra lean meat etc.. Do you get me? I could cry!

Also i know to count fruit.. BUT it's not clear if we can have unlimted amounts of veg, and salad.. ?
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Unfortunately no "free food" on Slimfast. You have to count veg and fruit calories.. an average portion of veg (size of your open hand on plate) is about 80-100cals.


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I usually look at the calories per weight PRIOR to cooking. i.e. if Im making a bolognese then I work out what the 100g of mince looks like before cooking (if the cals on the front are per 100g for example) then I know from the jar of sauce that 1/4 a jar = XX cals + saw 1/4 an onion (I usually count each veg as 20cals or so) and then weight my pasta as well that way I know I can have about 1/4 of the meal say but I usually don't end up eating that as DH always has a larger portion so if Im a wee bit out on my calculations that's OK.

I also made a "cheat sheet" for pasta & potatoes and have it stuck to the side of the fridge.

Tells me that 100g uncooked spag = XXg cooked = XX cals that way if Im making something different or am unsure then I can always just cook all the pasta then take out my portion from there. I have different counts for 100g and 75g. If you weight the pasta before cooking just once and then cook it in a separate pan then re-weigh it then you can use that as your guide - same for potatoes and other things, you only need to do it once and take a note and use that as your average.

Using that and the "1/4 a pack = XXcals so I can have 1/4 of whatever I make" method seems to work for me! may be diddling myself out of some cals probably but it averages out and suits me as I'm not wanting to cook all my food separate - defeats the purpose in my book - the idea for me is to eat what everyone else is having and just watch what Im doing and learn to control it.