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How do you do it??


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Andreas is in the middle of making some AMAZING Greek food called Sheftalies and they are my FAVE Greek food. They smell amazing... i swear i could cry right now! I am sooo tempted to just have one ..... BUT I WONT!!! Its so annoying :( Does this feeling of really wanting the food we love go away? I know i can have this food once i am nice and slim and i keep thinking that over and over. I also keep telling myself its only for a moment that we get to eat it and then its gone and i will be left with guilt and disappointment in myself. Gah its so hard when there is lovely food like that wafting around! :(
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I think we will always want it. However the one thing I found has really changed the way that I deal with it is by asking are you hungry for it with your head or your tummy. I find that it's pretty much always in my head. I have some crazy conversations with myself trying to justify it but always check with my tummy x

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i started on October 30th so I'm on day.... errrr 26??? something like that, and seriously only in about Tuesday did my non stop thoughts about food go away!!! even in my head I was planning my new low carb diet that I want to go on in a few months!!!

I was literally thinking of food every second of the day, when anyone ate around me I could hardly concentrate on anything else!! hah but the last few days have suddenly been sooo much easier, even sat in McDonald's today while my friend ate 20 chicken nuggets to himself and I didn't bat an eyelid :D so it does get easier, even if it doesn't go away completely :)

sorry for the lengthy post!!!


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Hi NatashaGabrielle

Goodness, brave you, don't even talk to me about Greek dishes, all Greek food to me is the most divine ever. I grew up in a Greek neighbourhood as a child and the smell of all the yiayia's & thea's amazing delights, mmmm!
I cooked a slow roast shoulder of pork the other day (takes all day) imagine those lingering smells...eeek!
And yes I watch people eat, it takes all my reserve to stop staring at my poor hubby like some pooch with my tongue hanging out dribbling...:drool:
Rkmriddell is right, we will always want it and we have to eventually eat, never heard of anyone who lived on milkshakes for the rest of their lives, but hopefully CD is slowing our brains down so that when the time comes to eat sheftalies we really do just have one...or not one then later go back and finish the pot ( my trick).
So I guess use this time to re-educate our habits.
Good luck :)


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I always sit with my family every dinner time and can honestly say most the time I am fine with it. Will admit though do struggle with the smell of Roast Dinners on Sundays but just look at how well i am doing and the temptation vanishes. I have even made a healthy eating cookbook for when I finish to prevent me gonig back to my old habits :) also watch all cooking programmes on tv too to give me ideas. I think I am just lucky and have a very strong will power to achieve my goal weight :)


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I've been lucky because those really intese cravings didn't last for vetry long. three weeks, tops. now i am jealous of nice food, and it makes me sad - but i don't really feel myself weakening for it.

at the beginning though, i started a notebook to write a list of all my cravings, so that i could work through them when i get to goal.

i only ever wrote one thing in it (dim sums). I did crave other stuff, but not strongly enough to find the little book.


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I have been fine with everything except pizza. Pizza has been driving me crazy ever since I started a VLCD and persists to this day. :(

Chamonix Bee

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Some excellent posts and advice here, sweetheart, which should keep you motivated.

Sheftalia may be delish but don't let it break you lol! As you said, it takes but a second to gobble down and one or five are never enough.

When you have that sexy new figure, you can have sheftalia made with extra lean mince......accompanied with lots of Greek salad and pitta (watch that olive oil).

Your doing well, stay focused for the weekend, darling. Xx


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Aw thanks Mum!!

You know how hard that was for me tho, you have ate Andreas yiayia's Sheftalia and know how nice they are! Seriously all i could smell the next day was the lovely Sheftalia even driving home the next evening its all i could smell!! I didnt give in tho i am like super woman hahaha ok maybe not super woman but i feel pretty proud of myself :D xxx

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I'm so proud of you for not giving in to temptation, my gorgeous ickl daughter.

Me, had a slight blip with a bottle of red wine but have been extra angelic before and after my hiccup!! Let's see wot those scales hold for us on Wednesday. I know you'll have a good result coz you've been amazing......u r 'super daughter'!!! :p

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Aww come on pet, cheer up. Despite yr slight hiccup, you made a healthy choice and didn't go stupid so yr scales will still show a weight loss at weigh in.

Must say I'm well impressed with Andreas being so supportive and strong for you. Arch would wimp out and give in to my screaming demands lol! In fact, Arch is the devil on my shoulder at times telling me a small slip won't do any harm when u know as well as I do that not only will it do harm but it demotivates too which leads to a never ending circle of indulgence.

Don't you go down this road. Yr doing fab. Xxx