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How do you eat that many points!?

I've posted a food day example here and I seem to be getting my points right etc, so not too worried there especially with all the resources available on the net to check and be inspired.

But, I have a load of weight to lose weighing in at 16st 6lb and I am allowed 25 points a day.

Yesterday I started counting properly, and come the evening, even after a good day of eating lots, snacks etc, I still had loads of points to get through.

How do you eat all your points, those of you on lots like me, without just feeling like you're shovelling junk up for the sake of points. I can't get my head around how that will help me LOSE weight when I'm eating more rubbish than I was before when I was slowly gaining all the time!!! :eek:

It seems rather bizarre to me that by eating lots more, and extra rubbish like more biscuits, 2 puddings (meringues and tinned fruit for example) on top of my daily intake I will lose weight!
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Your body needs energy in order to burn calories off, so previously it may well have been that you weren't eating enough for your body to burn it off.
It is so weird isn't it!

In the olden days (hehe) I wouldn't have brekkie, would have a baguette and crisps for lunch, maybe a Kitkat to snack on, and then a meal which wasn't usually TOO awful for supper, but I had huge portions and there would always be some cheese or cream or butter involved so it was never a healthy supper. I'd find room for some hobnobs too before bedtime. :p

I suppose now I'm having fruit for brekkie which is an improvement, something like melba toast and cheese triangles for lunch with jelly afters, then a WW recipe supper and a pud consisting of fruit, yoghurts etc so even though the quantity's not much different overall, the things I'm eating are...

I suppose it's just going to level itself out as I get more used to it anyway, I'll start eating more during the day so I don't panic eat at night to use the points up!

I'm still amazed I am allowed 25 points, but I worked that out from the sticky at the top so it must be right!
If you have points that you are struggling to eat can I have them please? :(
Of course you can! I'll happily send them over! :)

I've just been through the food diaries, and I seem to be the only person on 25 points! I'm going to advertise for a fellow 25'er as I'm starting to wonder I've got far too many!?!?
I'm also on 25. Well, 20, but I get an extra 5 points a day as I'm breastfeeding.

I'm obviously just a pig :(

Aw. You're not a pig! I'm going to go for 21 and bank 4 a day anyway for Saturday night fun! :cool:
i've just eaten a big bag of kettle chips.

*oink oink*

Cor, what's the point value in those? I love kettle chips!
I don't even want to THINK about the points in that! I don't know why I did it. Do you think I can get away with sugar free jelly for tea tonight?
By the bucket load with some fruit you'll be fine! :D
Fruit is still points though :(

Of course the other flaw is that I don't actually LIKE fruit.
Oops I've been counting tinned fruit in juice as free!

Luckily only been on this for 1 day though. :eek:


is gonna shine in 2009
yep all fruit are points, you could try having potatoes with your evening meal to use some points too. I cut potatoes out of my evening meal as i felt i was using too many points lol. I seem to panic if i don't have a few left for after tea, like i'm suddenly gonna starve or something!
Thanks all, I've started counting my tinned fruit! :D

I'll be adapting my dinners once back off hols the week after next as we're having a lot of pasta at the moment (new recipes!) and I'm finding it hard to count my portions right once it's all cooked and made up it's different to measuring out enough for one portion for me, and another 3 for the boy (who can eat like a horse!)!.

With something easier like '4 new pots' I can count and add more as I need can't I?
Hehe, new potatoes. Sorry I call them pots!

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