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How do you eat yours??

I just use a hand blender for the soups, you do get a bit of froth on the top but not too much to make it nasty...................maybe you are doing it a bit too long? They dissolve quite quickly in hot water.
Thanks, I saw another thread that mentioned cooking it in a pan which rang a bell so I'll try that tomorrow :)
Well day one down and dusted, heres to day 2 :)
I blend mine in a tall container (LL shaker) with a hand blender and then plunge the blender up and down for a bit - I find this bursts a lot of the bubbles. I also don't blend the part on the top - I hold the end of the blender toward the bottom of the container, and I find it makes less bubbles.

If I am making a "latte" with vanilla shake and coffee, I blend near the top and I find it makes it nice and frothy.

But agreed, frothy soup is not very appealing!!!
Oooh thanks b.t.f, I hadn't thought about a latte, I might have that for my morning shake :)
Can you use Exante like CD and make up the recipes? I used to love the muffins
You know, I tried making the recipes on CD (muffins and crisps) but I could never seem to get them right. People would always recommend not doing it as it destroys the nutrients and minerals in the foodpacks but I was always keen to try to get them to work.

PS - I should have said "iced latte". I tried it hot, and it was vile! But I have it cold with some ice and it takes really nice :)
Sounds yummy, I'll give it a go. I used to "cook" one pack a day on CD and drink an extra glass of water with it to make up for the lack of water used in making it up. TBH I don't think I would be able to stick with it without doing that once in a while. I did 4 months VLCD before but my dad died and my life fell apart so dieting was way down on my list and then the old habits of comfort eating came back and here I am back where i started!
I made a strawberry muffin this morning for breakfast and it was quite good :)
Strawberry muffin? Oooh, how did you do it? I think I could definately get used to that! Although I hope to be on the VLCD for 4 weeks before add a meal week, it would be nice to have something different to a shake.

I know what you mean about comfort eating, and during such a hard time I'm not surprised that your dieting was at the bottom of a pile. There are so many other things to think about at times like that.
I mixed up 25mls of cold water with 1 sachet of shake and 1 teaspoon of sweetner ( you could crush a tablet one) Put it in a small plastic container and cooked it in the microwave for about 1 min. It doesn't look like much but tastes nice and gives you the sensation of biting into something! There used to be a thread on the CD pages with photos of how to make stuff but I don't know if thas still there.
Well I have just had thai chicken soup for tea - yum yum! I pimped it a bit with some spices and made it in a saucepan with extra water and it really was nice :) so that is all my packs for today, feeling a bit hungry but am going to go and make a black coffee in a bit so hopefully that will take the edge off it.
Hope everyone else has had a good day, though I don't think there are many doing exante out there!
Yes - the thai chicken is really nice. I like to make mine in the pan sometimes, as it feels like im cooking (I miss cooking). I spice mine up with some woucester sauce. Had mushroom last night, very nice, but spiced with some chilli flakes.
It is very strange but I thought the Thai chicken was a bit tame when I first tried it, plus I put salt and pepper in all the other soups just to add a bit of zing but now I just have them as they are - think my taste has changed a bit in the 10 weeks, if it helps me cut down on salt that is great as I used to use far too much!


please try again
when i make up soup packs i put cold water in the pan and i lightly whisk in the powder a little at a time. by the time ive done that the soups usually at a heat i can handle
Thanks hun, thats what I did with my soup tonight, then poured it into a bowl and ate it with a spoon :)


please try again
lol i also eat soup from a bowl with a spoon, feels like more of a meal

i also have mousses with my shakes, cd has mix a mousse but can also make it with leaf gelatine ( comes out better acctually ) i use 1 1/2 sheets of leaf gelatine and 200ml of water.
place the leaf gelatine cut up in a bowl and add a couple spoonfuls of water and leave for 10 mins, then place ur bowl over some boiling water ( water shouldnt touch the bowl ) and stir till disolved fully, then add the rest of the water, shake powder and blend blend blend. 15 minutes in the fridge and it comes out like angel delight!
oooohhh yum that sounds delicious :) will have to give that a go
Yes it doe's seem intriguing. I was convinced those expensive powders I bought on a previous diet to make a mouse was just powdered gelatine anyway, so this would be cool. Does it add many cals or carbs to it? I've never bought leaf gelatine before.

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