How do you eat yours????


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Hi all
Just wondering how you do CD. Have you stayed SS for a long period of time or are you losing your weight on 790 or more?
Guess I'm worried that I'll do SS for as long as I can then it will all go to pot and I'll end up putting back on what I've lost.
It's still early days for me but I really want to crack it this time and knowing how others are doing it really helps.
If you want to be successful, model someone that has already succeeded :)
bluemoon xx
I did it pretty much by the book as I wanted it to be my last diet and didn't want to take any risks with doing it any other way.

Lost the weight with SS and add a meal every four weeks. Did the stabilisation bit for a couple of months, then moved on to healthy eating with some treats.

Worked for me anyway :)
Hi Bluemoon
I've been SSing on CD for just over 5 months and have around another 3 months to go. I'm lighter now that I've been for over 20 years and this is where the going gets really tough as I'm already feeling better than I have for decades: I'm having to dig deep to keep the motivation going.

That's why I'm going to do my best to keep SSing until I reach my goal - I can't risk letting my focus slip.
Karion Dieting...she is a year on maintenance and lost 8 stone.
Icemose lost 11 1/2 stone and is ten months maintaining.

Sassy lost 10 plus and has it off nearly a year or there abouts.

CD Counsellor has maintained forever...she did the diet twenty years ago.

Lesly Cambridge I think the same time as well.

Devonbabe is maintaing a year



The above have lost major weight and there is many more these just spring to mind on the spur of the moment.

I think Icemoos summed it up pretty well when he said some people do a diet and others do a journey...

I am on a weight loss journey and I have almost six stone off and would like another 3 to 4.

Love Mini xxx
Echo that mini, it really does need to be a journey and not just another diet :)

Like karion dieting, I've done this pretty much by the book with SS and AAM every 5th week. Doing the latter has been particulary crucial for me and gave me the confidence to know that I'd cope with a carefully planned break for a week's hol at the end of May.
I did SS with LL and then CD from January 5th until August 8th. I then did AAM until the 13th August and went on holiday for 2 weeks. I had foodpacks for breakfast and lunch and a low carb meal in the evenings + wine. I got back last Tuesday, and had lost 4lbs. Since then, I have been advised by my CD to do 790 as I don't look as if I need to lose much more weight despite what the scales and BMI say. I was 21st9lbs on 4th Jan. and 12st exactly on August 30th. I am sticking to the instructions for 790, and intend to do as my CDC tells me. I would like to lose another stone before final maintenance. So far, so good, one day at a time and all that. Ann
Thanks guys, it's really encouraging to see that so many of you have managed it and more importantly are maintaining that loss.
I really want this to be the last diet. I want to lose my excess weight and learn how to maintain it by healthy eating. I guess it's all about balance and I need to learn how to acheive that not just in my eating habits but in all aspects of my life as it's not just my eating habits that have made me overweight, it's how I see myself and how I believe others see me as well. I guess you're right mini, it's about the journey not the diet.
bluemoon xx
Hiya Bluemoon,

For me too it is the journey, and the planning. I have followed it to the letter so far and feel happier for it, I have lost 2s 3lbs in 6 weeks and its the best thing I have ever done,
I am going away on thursday and after careful consideration I am going to aam for those 3 days that I am away, as I am in Disney paris then i will have 3 packs per day and then find a restaurant with salad, I dont want to undo all the hard work I have put in and for me this is a happy medium to fit with family and the diet.
Good luck on your journey, we are all here for you x
Hiya Bluemoon :)

I stuck to SS and AAM religiously for 5½ months and lost 7st 3lb.
Then I went on holiday put a good bit on but soon got it off and more but have to admit it's been much harder since then. I think about food more now than I did before.

I'm still doing fine but have had the odd failing moment.

Just got a couple of stone to go now...and I will get there. Might not be as quick as the rest but as long as it goes I'll be happy :)