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How do you eat yours?

My sins are always chocolate based! I buy a big variety bag of treat sized things. Twirls are 6 syns, mini bag of m&ms is 5, crunchie, twix or mars bar are also 5, curly wirly is 6 1/2, milky way / milky way stars are 3 1/2. Then I add in a couple of individual chocs as well - heroes 2 1/2 each, roses 2 or 2 1/2 each, after 8s are 2.

Sorry if this is choccie information over load. I loved Easter as creme eggs are 8 1/2 syns each !!!

Mrs V

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I tend to have asda cheese curl crisps 3.5 syns
Cadburys curly wurly 6 syns
Pink and whites 2.5
Mikado sticks 0.5 syns each
I've started to use a few syns for olive oil when doing roasties or roast veg. But apart from that I use them for chocs and nice things!

Mini-bag of popcorn 15g - is 3.5 syns.

Mini Aero is 2.5 syns. THey're tiny so I have two. It adds up to the same as the KitKat I was having but I like the psychology of opening and eating two bars instead of one!

Mini bag of Malteasers is 5syns

Tayto Velvet Crunch (don't know if you guys in the UK could get them but they're like savory prawn crackers - Thai Sweet Chilli is my fave! - and so delicious) 4 syns a bag.

Cadbury Buttons, 15g bag, 4 syns.

I don't go in for the diet bars or even the WW bars, I prefer real chocolate, even if it's a small portion! :D


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Oh I love the Velvet Crunch - they are a real life saver in our house lol.

Think I'll try the Curly Wurly, popcorn, Mikado's and Twirls. Not on the same day obviously!
Ooh I like velvet crunch, I bought some sun bites then was gutted when I found out they're 6 syns a bag :( not even worth it.

I don't really 'do' chocolate at the moment or I get really addicted (don't even mention those Lindt truffle balls!). I usually use my syns on flora lighter than light, extra light mayo, gravy, schwartz peppercorn sauce, asda's little meringues (1 syn each, nice with strawberries and a muller light), and those new x-pop ice lollies, 2.5 syns i think and they taste like bubble gum and have popping candy over the end (it doesn't pop :( ). I sometimes have a cadbury's highlight drink when I do feel 'chocolatey' :D


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just tried....they were on special in Asda the other day

9.5 syns :)eek: but OK after WI lol)....... Milka chocominis

They're tubes of 6 chunky biscuity discs, with a creamy filling, and a thick milka star on top

Quite tasty, but I don't really eat loads of chocolate.

Most of my syns go on beer!!
Each day, unless I go out to eat, I indulge in a curly wurly its 6 1/2 syns (quite a lot I know!) but it really does satisfy choccy craving. You can break it up and it lasts for ages, dunk it aswell. Its chocolate coated in caramel and does the trick.

Also mini milk ice lollies (choccy and vanilla flavours in particular) are 1 1/2 syns each and are lovely and creamy espesh for those hot summer nights xx
My syns go on tortelloni pasta (5)
French fries crisps (4)
Mini Twister lollies (4)
Mini Milks (1.5)
WW cheese puff crisps (4)
Snack a Jacks (5)
Small bags quavers (4)
Linda McCartneys Toad in the Hole (5)
Chocolate Weetabix (HEx + 2syns)
Flora Extra Light (0.5)

That's about it I think. If I get a choccy craving I either have a choccy mini milk or choccy hi-fi bar. Though as you can see crisps is my main thing but I don't eat them as much any more.
My syns go on:

Crunchie toffee mini fingers (5 syns a bag)
CurlyWurlys (6.5 syns)
Light mayonnaise (2 syns a tbsp)
1 tsp of sugar or honey on my weetabix (1 syn)
Small bag of Quavers (4 syns)

(Syns get 'spent' on gravy and yorkshire puddings at the weekends.) ;)


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Thanks everyone!
I've bought some Milky Ways and Curly Wurlys this week and I'm finding that the Curly Wurlys do the trick but I can't just have one Milky Way so I'm staying away from those lol


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I very rarely use syns in relation to food - if I do it's for sausages for a fry-up at the weekend or wholegrain mustard to pep up some mashed potato. Occasionally I'll head to Costa with a friend at work (we have a Costa literally at the end of our work car park!) for a skinny latte but that's about it. Since doing SW the thought of eating crisps or chocolate, etc, just really does not appeal to me.

Mainly my syns get used for wine or a few rums/vodkas on a Friday and Saturday evening.

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