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How do you eat yours?

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From reading the various threads on here everyone seems to have a different way of eating their packs. So, my questions is, how do you eat yours? Do you always eat the same? Different? Do you have the same type of pack at the same time of day?

Personally so far I've had:
Breakfast - crispy chocolate shake with milk allowance (unlikely to change)
Lunch - truffa bar (might start swapping to a shake some days)
Dinner - spicy spaghetti (or chilli or spag bol though I don't like the increased cals in the bol)
Evening snack - chocolate shake made into cookie (may also start to sometimes swap this for actual shake)

Occasionally I'll swap one of the meals for a wafer. However since getting back on this I've found the increased calories and carbs in some of the newer products really annoying as I'm having to keep a real close eye to make sure I don't go over and I can't have more than one newer product (such a large truffa bar or spaghetti bolognese) a day.
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When you say "going over" what do you mean? Cals or carbs? Either should be fine, they wouldn't have introduced the packs otherwise. With the old packs on some days I wasn't hitting 600 cals so a few more in there looks better I think. What packs when - I have no set pattern really, depends on the day, what's happening etc and my tastes changing!

Generally I have a shake (at work) or oatmeal (at home) for breakfast, soup for lunch, meal pack (cottage pie etc) early evening and a bar before bed - but this often changes and I'm rather liking shakes at the moment so mainly ordered these on my last order :)


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I pretty much have exactly the same each day:

7.30 am (8.30 at weekends): Sweet porridge
1.30 pm (2pm weekend): Chocolate Shake
1 can coke zero
5.30pm - 7pm: Meal pack with cauliflower and broccoli
8.30pm - 9.30pm: Bar (maple fruits or dark truffa)
1 can Dr Pepper zero
150 ml skim milk used in tea/coffee during the day

My carbs are on the fairly heavy side but I've found I'm fine with this level
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I thought it was going to be a thread about cadburys cream eggs then what with the "how do you eat yours?" ha ha

I'm quite a bit over 17 stone so I have either five packs each day or four packs and a 100g of Quorn as recommended on the S&S website.

Breakfast :- crispy chocolate shake

Lunch :- crispy chocolate shake

Afternoon snack :- caramel shake

Evening meal :- either a cottage pie meal or a 100g pack of Quorn slices

Evening snack :- milk or dark choc truffa bar

A couple of cups of tea if necessary in the evening using 150ml skimmed milk

Coke zero throughout the day

Orange squash like drink using the S&S orange fresher to help me get in the remaining water intake

I have my shakes very watery sometimes I make them up with up to 600ml of water to help me to get my water intake in as I'm still not a fan of plain water!

I have to admit I don't have the milk allowance every day just when I feel I need it.

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Hmm... I like keeping to routine, I'm used to having 3 meals a day - so it's always like this:

Breakfast (between 9am and 11am) - Porridge
Lunch (3pm) - Soup (Chicken Curry OR LL Minestrone)
Dinner (between 7pm - 9pm) - 2 Dinner packs + vegetable allowance

+ Copious amounts of coffee with the milk allowance throughout the day.

I don't have the shakes or the bars as they are not very filling. I like my meals warm!
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I've gone through so many phases in terms of taste on this diet its unbelievable! I am currently addicted to the oatmeal which I used to HATE and think looked like vomit!

My day normally goes like this:
.5 pint of water with m pills, black coffee, pint of water
breakfast - oatmeal @ 10-11am + pint water
black coffee + pint water
lunch - crispy choc shake or cookies and cream shake @ 2-3pm ish + pint water
snack - oatmeal :eek: @ 4ish + pint water
dinner - omelette, mushrooms and spring onion + swede chips OR cottage pie + brussel sprouts/broccoli + pint water (sometimes 2 if Ive been exercising)
More water (I drink a lot of water - a) I like the taste :confused:, b) i live in hope itll flush my fat away! c) it fills me up d) if i dont i feel ill and thirsty and headachey
milk allowance as and when - measure it into a jug in the morning and then just use it if i want

Im also worried about the bigger bars - i want to be able to have four things without worrying about the carbs!

TBH I find I am in 'deep ketosis' acc to the meal planner when I have an omelette in the pm instead of an extra pack - being deeper in ketosis helps me not feel hungry :)

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I have all my packs in the evening. Generally after 1930

I never count carbs etc i have my packs-and trust the plan
Aren't you feeling hungry at all during the day??
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I tend to have:
12pm Caramel shake (or crispy chocolate)
4.30pm mushroom pasta(or curry noodles) These 2 are my favourite shakes :D
8.30pm Orginal Oatmeal(With a tiny little bit of the crispy chocolate shake from my morning to add some extra flavor)
12am A lemon yogurt bar,

I know I eat late but I don't tend to sleep till about 3am cause of my job.

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