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How do you eat?

I mostly do EE ,but throw in the occaissional green day,and less often red. Thats just how its suits me!! You dont need to stick to one or the other or even rotate them-whatever you like
I'm mostly a red girl with the occasional green day thrown in - suits me better, I'm not a huge pasta/potato fan xxx
Hi HoneyOC - Only do EE usually but think I might dabble with the red and green this week just for a bit of excitement....nervous though - will have a peruse through the food diaries and see whats on offer for me menu wise! :) Hope you have a good weekend Honey


I only do EE days otherwise I feel like I am on a diet and that I am restricting myself! EE is basically just healthy eating - but that 28g of cheddar cheese as a HEXA is a nice addition to :D I love love love cheese :D
ive never done EE bit nervous of trying it to be honest but from what im reading it works as well as red and green x
I'm a SW returner - and it took me a while to get my head around EE - now it's EE all the way baby! I can't imagine eating any other way. It's not like being on a diet, and the other half happily munches along with me with no complaints. Occasionally I have a green day by accident more than design - but that's about it!
I tend to do a mix of everything really but end up doing EE mostly as Its easier. I tend to do more red/green when I fancy cheese as I don't like to go without milk to have the cheese on EE
I tend to do mainly EE as like others have said it doesn't feel like you are on a diet but that you are basically eating healthily. I believe it is slower but I have been able to stick to it longer than red/green.
I've only been doing slimming world a couple of weeks but I've just stick to EE as I thought they'd be easiest for me to get used to. Am having good losses with EE so will stick with that for now!

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